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Steroids wwe

The world of professional wrestling has a lot to do with looking big, powerful and imposing. If people can count the number of abs you have even if you are wearing a shirt, chances are you can have a good if not a successful career inside the ring. As a result, many take the easy way out, buy a couple of shots of steroids from their friendly neighbourhood druggie and pump their bodies up only to look like one of the Monstars from Space Jam.

However, there are a few others who believe in actually putting in the work and achieve the best level of their physique by spending time and staying true to their craft. When I got the first look of this boulder of a man on my TV screen, I had convinced myself of Batista being on the juice for at least a couple of years if not more.

Even after saying goodbye to the WWE, he strongly maintains that he stays away from all those things, when other wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Edge have agreed to using it. One glance at Big E and you know that he can stop an wheeler in its tracks with just his pecs. With his chest and bicep measurements recorded at 50 and 22 inches respectively, the wrestler looks like he consumes steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner but NOPE!

The former powerlifter has stayed true to his discipline and spends hours in the gym working out. He has never failed a single drug test during his time with WWE and continues to be one of the most powerful and entertaining men in the company have you watched him move? Triple H has been a beast all his life and it is incredible how he manages to stay in shape even at 50 years of age, despite not having to take his shirt off in front of thousands of people every single week anymore.

Although, he agrees to have taken medical steroids in as prescribed by the doctors in order to heal his torn quadriceps. Putting John Cena on this list feels wrong. Simply because he is not human. Log in. WWE Listicle. Modified 13 Apr Listicle.

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He always faired in his practice and never advised or sell dope use to anyone. Frank added that he never saw anyone injecting or taking any doping material during his days at the WWE and he was just immune to any situation like that. On being asked whether there were any red flags for getting into WWE, he informed about having to make sure that none of the wrestlers getting into the show had any prevailing heart, lungs or other serious chronic conditions.

Former WWE doctor Frank Romascavage made it clear that he was a doctor and not a legalised dope dealer for anyone. Tags Steroid Vince McMahon wrestling wwe. Dead at Brace yourselves because there are some surprising names in there. We are going to start with probably the most surprising superstar on the list which is Adam Copeland aka Edge. Edge never had the big body or impressive physique that most of the other superstars in the list had but he did take steroids.

It came across as a big shock to all the WWE fans and Edge defended his side by saying that it was just experimental. He claimed that he wanted to check whether he would recover faster with the steroid use. That claim, however, proved to be a lie in when he was reported to have received growth hormones and steroids. New User posted their first comment. Log in. WWE Listicle. Modified 13 Apr Listicle. Edited by Staff Editor 4.


In an interview with Joe Rogan, the Undertaker recently went to bat for Strowman, saying that his muscles are natural while also admitting to taking steroids himself. The Ultimate Warrior was reportedly a heavy steroid user during his wrestling career, and many believe the drugs played a role in his untimely death at the age of 54 in The WWE had big plans for him after returning from a short absence in , but they were forced to scrap them , after the government began to crackdown against the drugs.

The Warrior was another one of the top names that testified against the WWE in the federal trial. Nevertheless, despite the drug's obvious downside, he has argued that they have their benefits if used responsibly. Mark Henry has adamantly denied using steroids since his WWE career began, and has even been outspoken against steroid users throughout his career, calling the drugs morally wrong.

While speculation still surrounds many of the wrestlers who have denied using them, many believe Henry, who weighed pounds at years-old, has gained his strength naturally. It is safe to say that Henry, who not only is a former Olympic athlete but also holds multiple records in the world of powerlifting , has not needed any help from steroids to become the beast that he is today.

Luger has been an open book regarding his issues with steroids during his career. He said he began taking the drugs in the years leading up to his wrestling career during his days playing football, where he took them in the offseason to gain muscle. Luger says that Vince McMahon's expectations of superhero-like characters in the ring, and the company's deeply instilled culture played significant roles in the steroid issues behind the scenes.

Luger is now attempting to be an activist to help a new generation of wrestlers go down the correct path, unlike he did during his career. Batista was reportedly furious after hearing that ESPN mentioned his name among a list of other wrestlers who bought steroids from an online pharmacy in He adamantly denied ever using the pharmacy and has no history of failed drug tests in his career.

There is still a massive amount of speculation surrounding the injuries that have plagued Batista's career. Some believe he was not injured during his long absences from the company, but instead serving suspensions for his steroid use. Others think his injuries could have been legitimate, but they only happened because he took steroids, as the injuries that he suffered in his career are common among those who use the drugs.

William Regal admitted to using steroids in his autobiography Walking a Golden Mile. He reportedly used the drugs for over two years between , but he once again came under fire after failing a drug test in , after claiming to be drug-free for over a year. Many believe Regal might have started doing the drugs again to get his body back in shape after returning to the ring, following his victory at the King of the Ring tournament.

Despite his newfound momentum , he would be written off of television just weeks later due to the ensuing day suspension following the failed test. Former WWE superstars and fans and bodybuilders alike have speculated that Jinder Mahal used steroids to drastically increase his muscle growth and definition after making his return to the company in Nevertheless, Mahal has stood his ground and insisted that he achieved his success through a strict workout routine and eating healthy.

Mahal also said that he has never failed a drug test during his wrestling career, and until he does, the speculation surrounding him will always only be just that. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson admitted to using steroids during his college football days when he was a standout defensive tackle at the University of Miami.

In , McMahon was indicted by the United States Department of Justice on illegal activity directly related to anabolic steroids. At the time, this cast a significant shadow of doubt over his entire company, including whether he would be the one to lead it forward. McMahon was victorious in court, which will undoubtedly be highlighted in the series. Following an day trial in , he was acquitted by a jury in Federal District Court of charges that he conspired to distribute steroids to wrestlers under his employ.

A particularly fascinating part of the series will be its portrayal of pro wrestlers getting called to the stand for testimony. This includes Terry Bollea—better known as Hulk Hogan—who testified that he used steroids and would regularly pick up steroids at WWE headquarters, but also confirmed that McMahon never directed him to use them. Vince McMahon project. Justin Barrasso can be reached at JBarrasso gmail. Follow him on Twitter JustinBarrasso. While much of the hype has gone to No. High-stakes fantasy baseball guru Shawn Childs runs through every team's closer and top relief pitcher options.

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