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Nasal steroid spray uk

It is available to purchase online in bottles of approximately metred sprays and is suitable for use by adults and children over the age of 6 years. Beclometasone nasal spray is absorbed directly into the cells in the nasal passages, where it inhibits the cells from producing chemicals that trigger an allergic response, therefore preventing or reversing symptoms such as itching and congestion caused by inflammation. There are many non-prescription alternatives to Betometasone Nasal Spray that offer similar properties when improving symptoms of allergies.

These include antihistamine tablets and liquids for more generalised allergic symptoms as well as alternative steroid nasal sprays such as Benacort. Eye Drops such as Opticrom may also be very beneficial for those that suffer from allergy symptoms that specifically affect their eyes. Please read the following warnings carefully to help make sure you are selecting an appropriate product.

Speak with your doctor or pharmacist before using Beclometasone Nasal Spray if any of the following apply:. Speak with your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking, have taken, or are intending to take any other medicines. Do not use Beclometasone Nasal Spray for longer than 3 months, unless specifically instructed to do so by your doctor. Beclometasone Nasal Spray contains benzalkonium chloride, which can cause problems with your breathing bronchospasm. Please read all product packaging and the accompanying Patient Information Leaflet prior to use.

Use 2 sprays into each nostril, twice a day. When symptoms improve, the dose can be reduced to; 1 spray into each nostril twice daily. Beclometasone Nasal Spray contains the active ingredient: Beclometasone Dipropionate 50 micrograms.

This medicine also contains several inactive ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, Dextrose, Polysorbate 80, Benzalkonium chloride, Phenylethyl Alcohol, Purified water. Not everyone who uses Beclometasone Nasal Spray will experience side effects. However, if you do they can include:. These side effects are rare, affecting up to 1 in If you are concerned about any of these side effects, or if the medicine affects you in any other way, stop using it and speak with your doctor or pharmacist.

Beclometasone is used to treat the symptoms of seasonal rhinitis Hay Fever. It can also be used to treat perennial allergic rhinitis, which are allergies that persist throughout the year. Examples of perennial rhinitis include allergies to pet hair or dust mites. Beclometasone is also effective at relieving inflammation of the nasal lining due to infection.

This is known as vasomotor rhinitis. Beclometasone is a type of medicine called a corticosteroid steroid. Corticosteroids are produced naturally in the body by the adrenal glands. Beclometasone is a synthetic corticosteroid, which is used to reduce inflammation in the nasal passages.

Nasal inflammation occurs when the nasal passages become exposed to allergens, such as pollen or dust mites. For sufferers of allergic rhinitis, these allergens trigger a disproportionate immune response, which results in inflammation of the nasal passages and allergy symptoms. When Beclometasone is administered directly into the nose, it is absorbed into the cells of the nasal passages.

From here, it acts to prevent the cells from releasing the chemicals responsible for triggering an allergic response, thus preventing the allergic response from occurring. This reduces nasal inflammation and relieves the associated symptoms. Beclometasone does not provide immediate relief.

In most cases, it will take days before the medicine reaches its full effect. Therefore, it is recommended to commence treatment a few days prior to expected symptoms. For example, before the start of pollen season or before you known you will be in contact with pets. Adults should use two sprays into each nostril twice daily morning and evening. Once your symptoms are controlled you should reduce your dose to one spray into each nostril twice a day.

You should always use the lowest dose necessary to relieve your symptoms. For maximum benefit, Beclometasone Nasal Spray should be used regularly whilst you continue to be exposed to the rhinitis triggering allergen. This will help keep your symptoms under control. Follow the instructions provided with the nasal spray. It is advised to shake the bottle gently before each use. Before you use the nasal spray for the first time, it will need to be primed by pumping it into the air until a fine mist is produced.

Hold the nasal spray upright and away from you whilst you do this. If you miss a dose, just move on to your next dose at the usual time. Never double-up a dose in order to compensate for any missed doses. Follow the printed instructions provided with the spray.

Do not attempt to unblock the nozzle or enlarge the tiny spray hole using a pin or other sharp implement. This will likely result in damaging the spray mechanism. Any remaining spray should be discarded after three months of first opening. After this time the contents may be contaminated by dirt or bacteria. You may find it useful to write the date of first opening on the bottle. Beclometasone should be safely disposed of by returning the item to any pharmacy. These side effects are rare because the amount of beclometsone absorbed into the bloodstream through the nose is negligible.

Ask our medical team for impartial information and advice about any treatment we provide or medical condition that we treat before you buy. Or browse all treatments or conditions. Scott is one of the two founders of The Independent Pharmacy. He is a registered pharmacist and the registered manager of our service with the CQC. If you buy beclometasone nasal spray from a pharmacy or supermarket, check the leaflet that comes with the medicine.

This will tell you how long you can use it for. This is usually between 1 and 3 months. Beclometasone nasal spray is unlikely to have any lasting harmful effects if you follow the instructions that come with your medicine, or use it as your doctor recommends. However, children and teenagers may need to have their height and weight monitored carefully if they're using high doses of a steroid nasal spray like beclometasone for a long time. This is to make sure the steroid is not affecting their growth.

The nasal spray delivers a small amount of steroid medicine exactly where you need it. This limits the amount of steroid reaching the rest of your body. It also keeps the risk of side effects as low as possible. There is no clear evidence to suggest that taking or using beclometasone will reduce fertility in either men or women. Beclometasone does not affect any type of contraception including the combined pill and emergency contraception. For most people, taking beclometasone nasal spray will not affect their ability to drive a car or cycle.

Page last reviewed: 16 March Next review due: 16 March Beclometasone nasal spray - Brand names: Beconase, Nasobec, Pollenase On this page About beclometasone nasal spray Key facts Who can and cannot use beclometasone nasal spray How and when to use it Side effects How to cope with side effects Pregnancy and breastfeeding Cautions with other medicines Common questions.

About beclometasone nasal spray Beclometasone nasal nose spray is used to treat cold-like symptoms caused by allergic rhinitis. Beclometasone also comes as: an inhaler — for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD cream and ointment — for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis tablets — for ulcerative colitis. You need to use beclometasone nasal spray regularly for it to work. It works by reducing swelling and irritation in your nose. The most common side effects are an unpleasant taste or smell, and a dry or sore throat.

Do not give this nasal spray to children under the age of 6 years. If you're pregnant, speak to your doctor or a pharmacist before buying beclometasone nasal spray at a pharmacy or supermarket. Most adults and children over the age of 6 years can use beclometasone nasal spray. To make sure this nasal spray is safe for you, tell your doctor if you: are allergic to beclometasone or any other medicines are taking or have recently taken other corticosteroid medicines have had nose surgery have an infection in your nose are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Beclometasone nasal spray needs to be used regularly for it to work. Remove the cap and gently shake the bottle. Blow your nose gently. Close 1 nostril by pressing your finger against the side of your nose. Bend your head forward slightly and carefully put the nozzle into your other nostril. Slowly breathe in through your nose and with your fingers press down on the widest part of the nozzle to squirt the spray once into your nostril.

Breathe out through your mouth. Follow steps 3 and 4 again to squirt a second spray into the same nostril if you need it. Repeat the process with the other nostril, if you need it. After using your spray, wipe the nozzle with a clean tissue and replace the cap. Will my dose go up or down? If your symptoms get worse after reducing your dose, you may want to increase it again. What if I forget to use it? Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten one. What if I use too much?

Using too much beclometasone nasal spray by accident is unlikely to harm you. Like all medicines, beclometasone can cause side effects although not everyone gets them. Common side effects These common side effects can happen in more than 1 in people.

Keep taking the medicine but talk to your doctor if these side effects bother you or do not go away: sneezing dry or sore throat, or hoarse voice unpleasant taste or smell dry or sore nose, or nosebleeds Serious side effects Very few people have serious side effects when using beclometasone nasal spray.

Tell a doctor straight away if you get: problems with your breathing, damage to your nose or sores inside your nose changes in your eyesight, such as blurred vision or a cloudy lens in the eye — these can be signs of increased pressure in your eyes glaucoma or a cataract Serious allergic reaction It happens rarely but it is possible to have a serious allergic reaction anaphylaxis to beclometasone. Information: You can report any suspected side effect to the UK safety scheme.

What to do about: sneezing — this will usually settle down as you get used to the medicine dry or sore throat, or hoarse voice — rinse your mouth out with water or brush your teeth after you use your nasal spray to help prevent this unpleasant taste or smell — rinse your mouth with water or have a drink of water dry or sore nose, or nosebleeds — stop using your nasal spray for a few days, then start again. Speak to your doctor or a pharmacist if these side effects do not go away.

Beclometasone and pregnancy There's no clear evidence that beclometasone will harm your baby. Beclometasone and breastfeeding It's generally OK to use beclometasone nasal spray while breastfeeding. Non-urgent advice: Talk to your doctor if you're:.

Check with a pharmacist or your doctor if you're taking: medicines used to treat HIV such as ritonavir or cobicistat non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs , such as ibuprofen or aspirin for pain relief other medicines that contain steroids such as eczema creams, asthma inhalers, tablets, injections, eye or nose drops, and other nasal sprays Mixing beclometasone with herbal remedies or supplements There's very little information about taking herbal remedies and supplements while taking or using beclometasone.

Important Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you're taking any other medicines, including herbal remedies, vitamins or supplements. How does beclometasone work? Beclometasone is a corticosteroid steroid medicine. How long does it take to work? Tell your doctor if you feel no better after using the spray for 7 days. For some people it can take 2 weeks or more to get the maximum benefits. How long will I use it for? If you are prescribed beclometasone, your doctor may advise you to use it for longer.

Is it safe to use beclometasone for a long time?

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Steroid nasal sprays Steroid nasal sprays, also called corticosteroid nasal sprays, are anti-inflammatory medicines that you spray into your nose. They can be. Beclometasone nasal spray is available on prescription for adults and children. Adults can buy it from pharmacies and supermarkets. Beclometasone also comes as. There are a number of different steroid nasal sprays - these include beclometasone, budesonide, fluticasone, mometasone and triamcinolone. They.