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Despite recent regulatory efforts that have banned specific compounds, many anabolic-androgenic steroids AAS remain available in over-the-counter dietary supplements that are legally sold in the United States. Severe side effects including hepatotoxicity, cholestasis, renal failure, hypogonadism, gynecomastia, and infertility have been reported secondary to the use of these products.

While some of these side effects may be reversible, more aggressive use may result in more permanent end-organ damage as has been previously described for the case of aggressive AAS users Rahnema et al. Designer AAS remain easily available for purchase in over-the-counter bodybuilding supplements and these products appear to be increasingly popular, despite the known health risks associated with their use.

We conducted a systematic search to identify the designer steroids that are most commonly sold in dietary supplements as of April and review what is known regarding their potency and toxicity. We propose that the impact of AAS use on the reproductive and hormonal health of men is underestimated in the literature owing to previous studies' failure to account for designer steroid use.

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The most important psychoactive ingredient of the brew is thought to be DMT, a molecule with a structure very similar to the brain chemical serotonin. Its effects are akin to those of other. Emollient Steroid Creams At first, it affected only the skin behind her knees and could be controlled with emollient creams. Despite potent steroid creams and frequent bandaging, her condition did not improve. On the following day the wet dressings were stopped and a low potency steroid cream was ordered for another 48 hours.

She then continued combined treatment. Adding the chemotherapy vincristine plus a steroid originally prednisone, and later dexamethasone as pulse therapy for childhood ALL has been. Women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding could have their blood loss reduced by treatment with a common anti-inflammatory steroid.

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Gestrinone has weak androgen and progestogen activity. It also possesses anti-estrogen activity. THG on the other hand had been reported as having very potent anabolic activity. Since gestrinone is available as a raw material it may be a good starting material for synthesis of both norbolethone and THG. THG was prepared by hydrogenation of the acetylenic function at C17 in gestrinone and separation of the THG from dihydrogestrinone.

Norbolethone was originally synthesised as part of a total steroid synthesis. It was available as a pharmaceutical in the s but was discontinued and is no longer commercially available. It has been reported that norbolethone is more potent as an anabolic agent than testosterone propionate and also less androgenic Albanese et al.

These are structurally similar to other known androgens such as trenbolone and nandrolone. Early literature from the s and s shows numerous such examples together with data for the anabolic effects that were achieved. The literature does not however indicate why these substances were not introduced into the marketplace, especially since some had promising activities. The chemist now wishing to produce designer steroids can review these papers and find substances that will not be screened for.

The lesson from BALCO, where drugs were produced with very little or no appropriate human or animal studies being undertaken, is that this ethical consider-ation does not appear to be an issue and many steroids will be sold using athletes as the guinea pigs. The design of new steroids is relatively simple. A similar process can be used to speculate about new designer steroids as is shown below.

New designer steroids may have for instance: - an extra methyl group, mostly on C7, C1, C2 and of course on C17, but possibly also on C4 and C6. These are speculations about addition or omission of extra methyl or ethyl groups but other possibilities are: - the introduction of one or more extra double bonds. These are familiar variations, which all have been tried by chemists in the past, but not on every known steroid.

There are of course many other substituents that can be introduced on basically all places in the steroid, but we will not go into that. Experience has learned that many variations in the steroid are tolerated with preservation of most of its activity, but big changes are not allowed. It is not clever to introduce variations in the structure of a new designer steroid, that ban be converted by enzymes in the body in some known anabolic steroid.

This immediately leads to positive doping tests. The designer steroid is then just a pro-hormone. New designer steroids must be designed in such a way that also their metabolites are unknown steroids. Early studies showed that certain functional groups within the testosterone molecule were essential for androgenic and anabolic activity Klimstra ; Kochakian , The 17b-hydroxyl group was essential but could be esterified for administration by intra-muscular injection and the biological proper-ties were enhanced and prolonged simply due to reduction in the rate of elimination due to the slow release of the parent non-esterified steroid.

Esters that are commonly used include the decanoate, undecanoate, propionate, enanthate and cypionate. Similarly the presence of the 4,5 double bond gave an increase in activity while reduction of the 3-keto group increased the androgenic activity but not the anabolic activity. However, removal of the 3-keto function while retaining the 4,5 double bond can retain anabolic activity, e.

This compound can have an oxygen function reintroduced on metabolism to give norandrosterone as well as meta-bolites of norethandrolone. Removal of the methyl group in testosterone led to the development of the nor steroids such as nandrolone. It was apparently found to be as myotrophic as testosterone but with greatly reduced androgenic activity.

In many cases similar functional changes to give analogues similar to those made for testosterone were studied for nandrolone leading to development of drugs such as norethandrolone Nilevar , the 17a-ethyl analogue. The 5a stereochemistry at C5 is also important for retaining biological activity.

For example, dihydrotestosterone DHT , which is a metabolite of testosterone and is applied as a skin cream preparation such as Andractim, has the 5a stereochemistry and is considerably more potent than testosterone. However, other saturated meta-bolites such as androsterone and its diol analogue are not active. Compounds which had a double bond introduced into the C1,2 position retained activity.

The most orally active of these was methandienone methandrostenolone, Dianabol. This is surprising since Ciba stopped manufacture of the agent in ; it means that it is available via an underground process, with many sources from Russia, China, Thailand and India. Addition of more double bonds into the nor steroid molecule produced compounds such as methyltrienolone, trenbolone, gestrinone and recently the designer steroid THG. Methyltrienolone has not appeared as a drug for animal or human use but is often used as the reference point for in vitro biological activity.

It did contain numerous related unsaturated steroids, probably from poor manufacture. Looking at the list of steroids that are in use today and those studied but not used commercially, it can be seen that many substituents can be added and activity retained.

The compounds with addition of alkyl groups at C17 methyl, ethyl, ethynyl occur in preparations such as methyltestosterone, ethylestrenol and gestrinone. MENT has very high biological activity Dorfman and while it was studied as a possible male contraceptive Nieschlag and Behre it has not been marketed and is very difficult to obtain. The analogous 7a-methyldihydrotestosterone was found to be more active as an androgen than testosterone. The 6a-methyltestosterone has low activity.

Methylation in the 18 position has also produced compounds with pronounced anabolic activity. In fact, this tight inter-relationship between anabolic steroids, estrogens and progestins is often seen through side effects from anabolic steroid use where some estrogenic metabolites give rise to female characteristics. The development of these side effects in bodybuilders and other athletes that have used steroids have led to the sale of compounds which have anti-estrogen properties and which are publicized for use by steroid users to be taken at the same time to counteract unwanted effects.

An example of this is the underground recommendation to take substances such as tamoxifen with steroids and this in turn led to the banning of compounds with anti-estrogenic properties for use in sport. The effect of addition of heteroatoms has been investigated but few compounds have reached the pharmaceutical market. The successful steroids have either chlorine or fluorine as substituents at the 4 or 9 position, such as in dehydrochlor-omethyltestosterone DHCMT, oral-Turinabol , fluoxymesterone Halotestin , clostebol as the acetate, Alfa-Trofodermin; Clostene; Megagrisevit; Steranabol, and norclostebol as acetate.

DHCMT, which was developed for clinical use, was extensively used by the East German athletes in a state-controlled doping programme. Even in there is litigation against Jenapharm by some athletes from that programme for compensation for serious medical problems — infertility among women, embarrassing hair growth, breast cancer, heart problems and testicular cancer. An estimated athletes developed serious ailments including a female shot-putter who took so many male hormones she decided to have a sex change.

This scandal appears to be one of the first conspiracies using designer steroids, since DHCMT was developed for the East German programme and its problems are still manifest more than 50 years later. An expansive list of chlorinated and other 6-chloro substituted steroids and their activities has been published by Weichert et al.

Compounds with heterocyclic functional groups fused to the A ring are used as orally active anabolic steroids, some of which are still taken by sports persons even though they have been detectable for 20 years. The steroid stanozolol Winstrol was made famous by the Canadian runner Ben Johnson when he was found to have it in his system during the Seoul Olympics.

The oral form is marketed for human use whereas an aqueous suspension for injection is used in the veterinary field. Much of the veterinary preparation is diverted for use by athletes for muscle development. A modification to the structure of stanozolol was made by introducing the 4,5 double bond to give BAS and this compound retained activity.

Another such steroid, furazabol Neo-ponden , has an isoxazole ring instead of the pyrazole ring, but is an uncommon steroid which was only used in Japan. The 17b-hydroxy analogue without the 17a-methyl group also had activity but has so far not been used in the pharmaceutical industry. Stanozolol appears to be about twice as potent as methyltestosterone but furazabol was 29 times as active orally in producing nitrogen retention in animals.

Other fused rings that have been prepared as part of steroid structure activity research include thiazoles, pyridines, pyrimidines, pteridines, oxadiazoles and pyrroles. While these may have lower activity it may still be possible that unscru-pulous marketers may make and sell some of these substances. The A ring 2,3-thio-epoxide S, 2a,3a-epithio-5a-androstaneb-ol, Fig.

It also has androgenic and myogenic activity. Compounds with an A nor-heterocycle system have also been investigated. These compounds related to 2-thia-A-nor-5a-androstaneb-ol included heteroatoms of oxygen, selenium, tellurium disulphide, sulphone, sulphoxide.

The sulphur and selenium analogues were active while the others were inactive see Fig. Further studies on A ring homosteroids containing a heteroatom showed that the sulphur derivative 3-thia-A-homo-5a-androstaneb-ol Fig. The conclusion from these studies was that steric properties were dominant factors for biological activity. This was also found in the series of A ring oxa steroids in which the compound 2-oxa-5a-androstanb-ol Fig. Substitution at C7 with alkylthio functions did not increase activity but did appear to improve myotropic activity relative to androgenic activity, especially in the 7a-thioethyl analogue of stanozolol 7a-ethylthiob-hydroxya-methyl-5a-androstano[3,2-c]pyrazole, 7a-ethylthiostanozolol.

Other 7-thio-steroids such as spironolactone have quite different uses such as a diuretic, but also have anti-androgen activity due to their binding to the androgen receptor. Other unusual modifications of the steroid molecule have led to a series of 5, 7-cyclosteroids such as 17b-hydroxya-methyl-5,7b-cyclo-5b-androstanone. The activity was not determined. Recent studies into novel steroids show that interest has not waned, with production of the 13,seco steroids such as hydroxy,seco-androstenone and a cyclobutane containing compound, but any activity data has not been reported yet.

Data on activities such as toxicity and mutagenicity, which are required to be well documented in animal models before a drug can even be considered for human trials, is not available. Dealers in steroids, including those steroids present in the so-called supplements, are only interested in monetary gain and are not interested in long-term effects, or the fact that little or nothing is known about the molecule they are selling.

The literature gives clues to a large variety of promising candidates for clandestine use. Thus, the only output of information on effects may appear in bodybuilding chat rooms and then in only barely understandable terms. Data for many compounds relating to oestrogenic, anti-oestrogenic or even anti-anabolic effects is not known, so pro-blems such as those currently facing the older doped East German athletes will undoubtedly occur.

This assumes that these modifications to the steroid molecule do not introduce an acutely toxic or life-threatening effect. The athletes that take them may or may not be aware of these issues and they use them because they believe that they are not detectable. Surprising since Ciba stopped manufacture of the agent in ; it means that it is available via an underground process, with many sources from Russia, China, Thailand and India. MENT has very high biological activity and while it was studied as a possible male contraceptive it has not been marketed and is very difficult to obtain.

In fact, this tight inter-relationship between anabolic steroids, oestrogens and progestins is often seen through side effects from anabolic steroid use where some oestrogenic metabolites give rise to female characteristics. The development of these side effects in bodybuilders and other athletes that have used steroids have lead to the sale of compounds which have anti-oestrogen properties and which are pub-licised for use by steroid users to be taken at the same time to counteract unwanted effects.

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