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Where to inject steroids in the glute steroid injection sites thigh

Where to inject steroids in the glute


Give no more than 3 ml or cc of medication in this site. If the prescribed dose is more than 3 ml, you will need to give the injection in two parts. Medicine that comes in a container for a single dose should be used only 1 time. If you use the container a second time, it may have germs in it that can cause illness.

These illnesses include hepatitis B and C. They also include infections of the brain or spinal cord meningitis and epidural abscess. Was this helpful? Yes No Tell us more. Check all that apply. Wrong topic—not what I was looking for. It was hard to understand.

It didn't answer any of my questions. I still don't know what to do next. All rights reserved. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your healthcare professional's instructions. Patient Education. Before you Begin Wash your hands thoroughly before and after all IM injections. Prepare your medication as you were shown by the doctor or nurse.

Locate and Prepare an Injection Site Start by dividing the buttock into 4 quarters. Inject the Medication Stretch the skin tight. Hold the syringe like a dart. Dispose of the materials as you were shown by your doctor or nurse. Now, draw your specific dose. If you notice the black rubber plunger that's used to draw the testosterone within the syringe, you want to make sure that the top of that rubber plunger is aligned with the mark on the syringe and this will give you your specific dose.

Now that the testosterone is drawn out of the vial and into syringe, cap the needle as to not set a bare needle down on the table and risk contaminating it. You've successfully drawn testosterone out of the vial using the 3 mL syringe and 20 gauge drawing needle.

Before you remove the drawing needle and put on the injection needle, you want to pull back on the plunger a little bit to make sure all the testosterone is pulled out of the tip of the drawing needle reservoir. Unscrew the drawing needle off the top and discard it. Now simply twist on the injection needle, make sure it's nice and tight.

Here we have a 25 gauge 1" needle that's typically used to inject testosterone cypionate. Make sure the air bubbles are completely out of the testosterone. Do this by flicking the side of the syringe and pushing on top of the plunger till the testosterone starts to come out of the top of the needle, making sure we still have one mL. Now you're ready to inject. Now it is time to do the injection. You are going to do an intramuscular injection into the butt cheek or the glute.

It is not the only place that testosterone can be injected, but it is the most common and easiest place for most patients to inject testosterone. Remove the drawing needle by unscrewing it off the top of the syringe and discarding it into your hazardous waste container.

Open the 25 gauge needle that's going be used to inject. The needle is 1" long to ensure that it gets into the muscle tissue, which is where testosterone needs to be injected to be absorbed effectively. Once you take the cap off the needle, you do not want to set the needle down for risk of contaminating it with bacteria that might be found on the table top, counter top or wherever you might be injecting.

If you do end up having to set it down after you've put the injection needle on, be sure to be very careful and safely cap the needle prior to setting it back down. For injecting, you want to ensure that the area you're injecting is clean and sterile by using an alcohol prep pad, just like we did when we rubbed the top of the vial testosterone before drawing it out. When injecting in the glute, you want to make sure you're doing it in the proper place.

Watch the video above to know where to do the injection into the glute. When doing an injection in the glute, you want to go into the upper left or the upper right of the butt cheek. This will ensure the best place to inject where the most muscle tissue is and also avoid some of the nerves and vascular that's found in the middle of the butt cheek that can cause some irritation.

Ensure that that the upper left quadrant of the butt cheek is nice and clean. Typically, it's right below the belt line, almost underneath where the hip is. Take the weight off the leg, so that the muscle's not tense, this will make it a little easier to inject. At a 90 degree angle insert the needle directly into the area you're injecting. Pull back on the plunger ever so slightly, this is called "aspirating".

This ensures that you are not in a vein, you do not want to inject the testosterone into a vein, you want to make sure you're in a muscle tissue. When you pull back or aspirate on the plunger, if you are in a vein it will fill up with blood and be easy to identify and you simply pull the needle out and re-inject into a different area. Inject the testosterone slowly by pushing down on the plunger until all of the testosterone is out of the syringe. Pull the needle out carefully and grab an alcohol pad that you just used, go ahead and clean a little bit of the blood off and ensure that the injection side is nice and clean and sterile.

You can even rub a little bit to make sure that testosterone is nice and absorbed. You've completed your injection. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Demonstration on how to inject Testosterone safely. How to fill the syringe Remove the safety seal plastic cap on top and wipe rubber top with an alcohol pad. Clean the skin with an alcohol pad.

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But we do realize that there are people that do use them and wish to give them some information on how to inject properly. If you have any moral or any other objections of the use of AAS, the please do not read the article. This is your choice as is the choice of those that use AAS. We have also decided to print this article as Dr. Ryan has had numerous obstacles in getting this published. We felt that this subject needed to be addressed.

He was explaining about the procedure he would use to inject himself. He smiled and indicated that boastfully that he had done this for over twenty years. All I could think about were the large fibrotic lesions in his glutes that prevented him from further injection in those sites. All too commonly the issues that are important are often never discussed by professionals until it is too late. This problem with that type of injection protocol is that you are taking a needle out of your dirty body do you eat off of your ass?

Consider this, would you stick that needle into a bucket of paint then later shove that needle into your fresh bottle of EQ ? Please consider that over the years of working medical research; I have seen bacteria grow in acid so strong you would have to open the chemical under a hood or burn your eyes and nose off? Wash your hands and anyone else involved should wash their hands. Use only clean needles to remove and inject any solution.

Prepare the area with a prep solution i. Never inject more than 5 cc? Keep all items clean and dry after the injection. Store all items properly. Washing your hands may seem simple, but it is a very effective way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Using a contaminated needle to remove solution from a bottle is playing Russian roulette with your health.

Only use clean needles to puncture your skin or that of bottle. A single injection doesn? It only helps in your head, maybe! Various prep solutions are necessary to clean the injection site; this prevents the normal bacteria that are present on the surface of the skin from being pushed into the body.

Z Tracking This is a simple process of pulling the skin to one side to allow for a hole to be made in the skin and then displacing that same hole after the injection has been made. This displacement stops the leakage of the injected solution to the skin surface.

Wash your hands and make sure that everyone else does too. Prepare the area with alcohol. Prepare the injection needle and solution Firmly displace the skin to one side. Inject the needle and aspirate to make sure you have no blood and then inject contents appropriately. Release the skin pressure. Remove the needle from the injection point. Clean and dispose of all materials appropriately. Taken from the nurses hand book referenced below , notice how the displaced skin will stop the backflow of the injected solution.

For those of you who would like a diagram: Click Here Follow these easy steps to providing a safer more effective injection. Common sense goes a long way in medicine and yes, this is still a form of medicine. Im sure we all saw the spotinjection pic many times. That procedure is a "feel your way" to the spot.

Mesomorphyl, your avatar I dont have any other tips for other body parts as glutes is what I alway use. The link i've posted should answer the question I've used the posted info and link as a guide when i first decided to do the shots on my own. Join Date Apr Location Back in da box! Posts 3, Darkness why u got to post that huge ass pic bro? Nearly lost it I did! How To inject! Forum Threads. How do you keep from wanting to Nolva - How many of these 5 side Is Nolva in a caps Ok to Open?

New Forum Posts. Today, AM. Safer injecting for steroid users. Check the contents of the vial or amp before you draw up — the steroids you buy are often not what they say on the label. Rotate which muscles you inject into — this gives your body time to heal between injections.

Never inject into skin that is broken, irritated or lumpy. Use a new, sterile needle every time — this reduces your risk of injuries and infections. Stick to your own needles, vials and amps — using the same needle or vial as someone else increases your risk of blood-borne viruses like hepatitis C and HIV.

You can get as many needles and barrels as you need for your cycle free from your local needle and syringe service needle exchange. Greens for drawing up, blues for injecting — for injecting steroids, you need to use a green needle to draw up then swap it for a blue needle to inject. A blue needle is long enough to get the fluid into your muscle without hitting a bone. Don't use barrels bigger than 2ml — if you use bigger barrels you may draw up too much liquid.

Injecting too much liquid can cause problems like scarring and abscesses a pus-filled lump under your skin. The best places to inject are your glutes , quads and delts. Delts — injecting into your delts carries more risk because the muscle is smaller. Visit your local needle and syringe service Needles and syringe services are free services where steroid users are welcome.

As well as new needles, barrels, swabs and bins, staff can help with: safer injecting advice advice on sore or infected injecting sites testing for hepatitis C and HIV hepatitis B vaccinations free condoms and sexual health advice disposal bins See what to expect when you visit a needle and syringe service. Cleaning your injecting site correctly helps to prevent infections.

Always wash your hands with soap and water before you inject. Wash your injecting site with soap and water too, or clean it with a single wipe of an alcohol swab. Scrubbing at your skin with the swab will just spread bacteria around. Allow your skin about a minute to dry before you inject. Draw up with a green needle, then swap to a blue for injecting Insert the needle at 90 degrees to your body.

If this happens remove the needle and apply pressure with a clean tissue or cotton wool Only inject up to 2ml of fluid into each site — if you inject more it raises your risk of infection Inject slowly — 10 seconds per 1ml is about right Remove the needle carefully and apply pressure with a clean tissue or cotton wool Use a proper sharps bin to dispose of needles. You can get these free from needle and syringe services.

When to get medical help Get some medical advice if you have: any redness, pain, warmth, swelling or blistering at your injection site, or you get a fever — you could have an infection or abscess a feeling like an electric shock when you inject, or any ongoing numbness or tingling — these are signs of nerve damage. Your natural hormone production usually stops a few weeks into a cycle. What do you think of this page?