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Organon injectables deca

Nevertheless side-effects do exist and for this reason it is important to not only understand the hormone but to understand the side-effects as well, for when we do we soon discover most adverse reactions are not only easily remedied but in many cases largely avoidable.

Without question the most severe side-effect to Deca-Durabolin use is testosterone suppression and it is the only side-effect that is assured. To combat such testosterone suppression most will find direct testosterone therapy to be the most effective and as suppression is so great a ratio of Testosterone:Nandrolone is normally advised but for many individuals a slightly greater than ratio will be needed, meaning, higher testosterone therapy.

However, what the saying forgoes in stating, supplement with testosterone and libido issues are of no concern. As for the rest of the possible side-effects associated with Deca-Durabolin, while the level of aromatase is low some estrogenic related side-effects can occur as an aromatase effect, while low still exists. For example, as doses will be higher in performance enhancing and as Deca-Durabolin increases progesterone levels along with estrogen; while the increase may not be great it can be enough to lead to excess water retention and even Gynecomastia.

For these reasons many will find an aromatase inhibitor to be very valuable when supplementing with this Nandrolone based hormone. While Deca-Durabolin is the most commonly used Nandrolone based steroid it is far from the only one and in recent years the popular Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate has increased in popularity; commonly referred to as NPP and often found under the trade name Durabolin.

In many ways NPP is very similar to the original Decanoate version; meaning, the nature of the hormones is for all intense purposes the same with either form. However, when examining the two compounds we have two distinct esters, one with the Decanoate ester while NPP is a Phenylpropionate ester based form. As each one carries its own ester NPP will become active in a noticeable way much faster but its total lasting effect is very short lived compared to the large ester based Nandrolone.

Further, because Phenylpropionate is a smaller ester the total mass of the compound will yield more Nandrolone on a per milligram basis. However, in the long and short both compounds are very similar but some have said to report less water retention with the NPP form and this is common with smaller ester based steroids.

As we have examined Deca-Durabolin it should be fairly easy to see, the most common point in-which anyone will supplement with this hormonal compound is without question during a bulking season, as increases in size are one of if not its primary role.

While this remains true in the competitive bodybuilding world it is very common for small amounts of the hormone to be used when dieting, if for no other reason than joint relief; many might worry about excess water retention but if one keeps a steady diet and supplements with an aromatase inhibitor this will be of very little concern. Even so, most competitors will drop all Deca-Durabolin use towards the back end of their prep to ensure no water is left residing under the skin.

Most will find weeks to be the minimal with 12 weeks being far more optimal and 16 weeks of total use being the best but it is recommended you start with weeks to ensure you react well; however, most all will find this to be a very well-suited and highly well-tolerated anabolic steroid.

Even so and it is often out of fear of the unknown, many will supplement with Deca-Durabolin for very short periods of time but remember, as it takes a good 4 weeks to really see any results these short bursts of use will almost always prove to be useless.

There is truly no set in stone dosing for this hormone; therapeutic dosing can range and vary quite a bit but most will find mg per week to be enough to see joint relief associated with the hormone and mg per week to be the minimum dose if one desires any type of noticeable anabolic effect.

While mg per week will assuredly provide growth most will find mg per week to be far more optimal and generally a well-tolerated dose; yes, you can go higher but remember it is important to keep your testosterone in-line and increase the testosterone accordingly with the increases of Deca.

For those that want more of a bump mg per week can be used safely but this dose in some has proven to be a little harsh and is not recommended for any beginner; most beginners and even many veterans will find mg per week to be all the Nandrolone they ever really need. However, one cannot end a cycle that contains Deca-Durabolin and randomly begin a PCT plan; remember, this is a steroid with a very long half-life and it will remain active within the body for a far extended period of time even after the last injection.

No PCT plan should begin until at least 3 weeks have passed since your last Deca injection with 4 weeks often being far more optimal. For this reason and it is highly advised you do the same, many will discontinue all Deca-Durabolin a few weeks before the total steroid cycle ends; the idea is simple, allow time for the hormone to pass through your system and thereby allowing you to transition into PCT sooner and with greater ease. The PCT plan is imperative to a good cycle, for the sooner we can complete it the sooner we can normalize, the sooner we can normalize the more gains we will hold and the better off our long term health will be.

Click image for Gallery. Add to Wish List Compare this Product. Cutting: Winstrol, Anavar, Halotestin, Trenbolone. Deca-Durabolin: A nor anabolic steroid, Deca-Durabolin is based on the Nandrolone hormone produced naturally by the human body; just as testosterone is naturally produced by the human body so is Nandrolone, although to a far less degree in-terms of the total amount. If you have any query regarding this product or order placement, feel free to contact us at or whatsapp or mail.

Your email address will not be published. Add to Wishlist. Description Reviews 0 Description Description of Deca Durabolin mg Injection Deca Durabolin Mg Injection is mostly administered in the form of an injection by the doctor in his clinic or at the hospital. Nandrolone should not be used to enhance ability in sports as it carries serious health risk. Do not take this drug if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Do not take nandrolone if you have prostate cancer or breast cancer, breast cancer with high calcium levels, or severe kidney damage.

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Consequently estrogen related side effects are a much lower concern with this drug. An anti-estrogen is likewise rarely needed with Deca, gynecomastia only a worry among sensitive individuals. At the same time water retention is not a usual concern. This effect can occur however, but is most often related to higher dosages. Clearly Deca is a very safe choice among steroids.

Actually, many consider it to be the best overall steroid for a man to use when weighing the side effects and results. It should also be noted that in HIV studies, Deca has been shown not only to be effective at safely bringing up the lean body weight of patient, but also to be beneficial to the immune system. It is of note however that nandrolone is believed to have some activity as a progestin in the body. Although progesterone is a c steroid, removal of this group as in norprogesterone creates a hormone with greater binding affinity for its corresponding receptor.

Sharing this trait, many nor anabolic steroids are shown to have some affinity for the progesterone receptor as well. This can lead to some progestin-like activity in the body, and may intensify related side effects. The side effects associated with progesterone are actually quite similar to those of estrogen, including negative feedback inhibition of testosterone production, enhanced rate of fat storage and possibly gynecomastia.

Many believe the progestin activity of Deca notably contributes to suppression of testosterone synthesis, which can be marked despite a low tendency for estrogen conversion. The muscle building effect of this drug is quite noticeable, but not dramatic. The slow onset and mild properties of this steroid therefore make it more suited for cycles with a longer duration. In general one can expect to gain muscle weight at about half the rate of that with an equal amount of testosterone.

A cycle lasting eight to twelve weeks seems to make the most sense, expecting to elicit a slow, even gain of quality mass. Although active in the body for much longer, Deca is usually injected once or twice per week.

Deca is also a popular steroid among female bodybuilders. They take a much lower dosage on average than men of course, usually around 50mg weekly. Although only slightly androgenic, women are occasionally confronted with virilization symptoms when taking this compound. Should this become a concern, the shorter acting nandrolone Durabolin would be a safer option.

This drug stays active for only a few days, greatly reducing the impact of androgenic buildup if withdrawal were indicated. Endogenous testosterone levels can be a concern with Deca-Durabolin, especially after long cycles. It is therefore mandatory to incorporate ancillary drugs at the conclusion of therapy.

An estrogen antagonist such as Clomid or Nolvadex is therefore commonly used for a few weeks. These both provide a good level of testosterone stimulation, although they may take a couple of weeks to show the best effect. HCG injections could be added for extra reassurance, acting to rapidly restore the normal ability of the testes to respond to the resumed release of gonadotropins. For this purpose one could administer three injections, spaced five days apart. After which point the antagonist is continued alone for a few more weeks in an effort to stabilize the production of testosterone.

Remember not to begin post cycle therapy PCT until after Deca has been withdrawn for around three weeks. Deca stays active for quite some time so the ancillary drugs will not be able to exhibit their optimal effect when the steroid is still being released into the bloodstream. The major drawback for competitive purposes is that in many cases nandrolone metabolites will be detectable in a drug screen for up to a year or more after use. This is clearly due to the form of administration.

Esterified compounds have a high affinity to stay stored in fatty tissues. Small amounts may indeed be stubborn in leaving fatty tissue, particularly after heavy, longer-term use. Some quantity of nandrolone decanoate may therefore be left to sporadically enter into the blood stream many months after use.

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Deca-Durabolin 50 Injection is a medicine used in the treatment of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women. It helps strengthen the bones which become thin and. Deca-Durabolin is a clear, yellow, oily liquid containing 25 mg / ml of the active ingredient nandrolone decanoate. Nandrolone belongs to a group of drugs. DECA-DURABOLIN mg INJECTION 1ml / NANDROLONE DECANOATE mg 1ml – ORGANON. ₹ ₹ (% Genuine & Authenticate).