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In other examples, I often feel stifled in romantic relationships conflict between Neptune and Venus and make poor financial choices out of a desire to feel independent conflict between Jupiter and Neptune. Whatever the four planets are that formed a cross when you were born, these four parts of your personality will be constantly working against one another.

Each cross is different and will play out differently depending on the planets involved. Don't worry — having a Grand Cross isn't all bad. In many ways it's forced me to be smarter about my decision-making and to consider all parts of my life and how they'll impact one another.

With great difficulties come great possibilities, and the fact that there hasn't been a single year out of my past 26 that's even been close to boring for me is proof. For all the trouble it's caused, my Grand Cross also means I'm always on some sort of adventure, whether it be in writing, my personal life, travel, or beyond. A Grand Cross to me means intensity, for better and for worse. By learning about my Grand Cross, I've been able to better understand how to use it to my benefit.

I'm learning to notice when I get in my own way, and when I'm making decisions that are good for one part of my life but damaging in another. I give myself plenty of space in those situations and seek to learn from past mistakes. In general, I try not to get too intense and caught up in every little detail. If you have a Grand Cross in your chart, you may need to buckle up, but with some hard work and understanding, the ride can take you anywhere.

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