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From part of the guide:. Bro, can i ask? Atlantica Indonesia now hv caps If someone is Lvthey should get a higher quality box, but that is all dependent on if the developers of AO Indonesia actually made that change.

Dragon whelp dungeon keeper gold redicat steroids

Dragon whelp dungeon keeper gold


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Note: When first spawned in battle carries a bomb that can only targets structures and deals x10 normal damage. Only after bomb used can Dragon Whelp start shooting fireballs. Dungeon Keeper Wiki Explore. Door Reinforced Wall. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Dragon Whelp. History Talk 0. They're so cute when they're young, don't you agree, Keepers?

I don't even know where to begin And since you have a GrOdin, the easiest Descended would be Hera and you can just go to the Hera Descended page for that. Cool Guy in reply to Jacky PG 7 years ago 7. Thanks for your reply, The not knowing where to begin is my biggest dilemma, I have great monsters but who to start leveling first and what type of team to build is so hard to figure out.

I don't want to spend hours evolving a team at this point that would only be good for one or two dungeons I need a team good for a majority of them so I can gain experience to build a more specialized team s. Rejuzi 7 years ago 7.

You definitely have an impressive collection. I'm not as high rank and don't have the best critters, but I've been able to complete the Master Christmas dungeon now several times and have 6 Heras. Take a look at my post on the Master Holy Night comments for a suggested "starter" grind team.

Is there a particular monster where you get stuck? I hate to say it, but getting dual Treants is certain death - at least for my team. Amenouzume has done wonders to help though. Please feel free to friend me - I'm always looking for more GrOdin friends, I keep my team up to date, and am almost always on. Check out Padherder.

It has really helped me level up my critters more efficiently as it tracks feed monsters and material. LMFAO, this is either the most troll fake box ever The one problem is I still haven't been able to do any descends or dungeons of that type of difficulty. Keeper of the rainbow or the master christmas dungeon are about the hardest dungeons I've beat so far.

I know I probably have the right monsters to build a team to beat them but , I need some guidance on as far as what monsters to put together, level and awaken especially awaken since tamadra's are so few and far between I feel like I got lucky in the REM but ended up with too many good ones to choose from and am now kinda overwhelmed. Would anyone be willing to give me some advice? It would really help with keeping the game fresh as I am pretty much to a point where I just do the same levels over and over again.

I will try to keep my collection updated weekly. Thanks www. You have great subs for either dark row enhance heavy. Most of your rem monsters can do descends, they just need to be higher leveled. Since your IAP, try to get your stamina to at least , then spam a few stones on "King Carnival" coin dungeon. Maybe farm ocean of heaven for the meanwhile.

Scratch that. I think it's better to do weekend dungeons a lot since certain coin dungeons give similar exp plus a chance for a skill up monster so prepare teams for that instead. By Mike 6 years ago 7. Firecat 6 years ago 7. Does your math take in to account the fact that he hits for 2x and not 1x ? The difference is a big one because on one token you only need about HP to survive the hit while on the other it becomes significantly more complicated To survive with a resolve team you need This still leaves a second hit which will smack you for Then you need to heal it all back up before he smacks you again.

Doable I suppose but Really hard By Trolololol 6 years ago 7. By meta 6 years ago 7. This sucks. I'm ranked pretty high and I can't get through this dungeon. Every time I go in, Keeper of Rainbow with 2 turns shows up on the very first round and kills me instantly. Since I'm not willing to spend stones, I guess I'll just have to keep trying until he doesn't show up for once.

That's a cool story Keeper of the Rainbow can't show up with 2 turns. The real thing here is not to run this dungeon expecting a zero stone if you can't handle the Rainbow invade. That being said I've run and completed the dungeon maybe twenty or so times and I have seen the Rainbow invade a total of one time.

By wilwil82 6 years ago 7. Patbert 6 years ago 7. By PsychoBeat 6 years ago 7. Hi, I'm kinda new to having an account so I don't know quite how this works. I need advice on what my team should look like to at least make it to KOG? I don't know if you can look, but if you can any advice would help. By epharian 6 years ago 7. Hoping for some help here: Would this possibly work? Kushi lead, max euvo, lvl 94 Kush sub, no evos archangel for teh healz? Grodin max evo, max lvl friend My concern is getting the invade prior to kushi skill being up, and being able to do enough damage.

Thoughts on what subs might help push damage into useful ranges? I've got a horribly outdated monster box, so you can glance at it, but it doesn't really matter. I also have L Kali. Any suggestions appreciated. Chari 6 years ago 7. Grodin will only protect against the first, the second will hit for 55k damage.

So you need to output 7M damage in 10 turns, along with enough hp to survive a 16k hit and rcv to full to take another in 2 turns. Or 7M in 8 turns, and just survive the one hit. How good are you at combos? One of these days I'll update my monster box. Gungho needs to make an api that web devs can access and pull automatically. That way, players can just get on with making suggestions to each other based on current info. As I near Rank , I'm a bit embarrassed to not be handling this.

By Dirkmon97 6 years ago 7. By Erland 6 years ago 7. To clarify the last floor because I was confused about it for a long time: Any 5-turn cooldown skill can be safely used on the Dark keeper because it will be up again before the Gold's big attack. The Gold keeper doesn't hit you preemptively, so you don't have to be healed leaving F5. You have two turns to heal enough for the first 2 hits via skyfall hearts on F6, twice, until your skills are up.

If you make lots of combos you'll get the hearts. I've been using Cullinaire's team successfully except when Rainbow invades. On F6 with that team, just eliminate green and blue orbs until your skills are up.

Last edited by Erland 6 years ago 7. By TimeLatInc 6 years ago 7. I ran a resolve team. It took me an hour to kill the red keeper DKnight 6 years ago 7. Resolve team wouldn't work here anyhow. So that 2nd hit will fully kill a resolve or Odin team. By grandpixel 6 years ago 7. If once, I can use an egg and keep going. If after every 2x Punch I am doomed. Maybe I should have used an Anubis friend leader instead of Da Qiao By Vetrix 6 years ago 7.

Anyone knows what attribute the gold's attack it? I planning to go for a resistance team is his attack light or fire or both? By Jacob 6 years ago 8. I still can't beat this dungeon with luci, anyone got suggested monsters I should get? Tsubakura 6 years ago 8. By daniel 6 years ago 8. All max awoken This can handle KoR invade on any floor but F1 obviously no skills up and F5 no skills will be left for KoG F6 F1: stall for all skills in case of invade.

Otherwise, grind it out and finish each floor with FULL health. This will not kill KoR unless your team is really high powered. Then hit him with gungir and combo to get kill and heal as much as possible. If you can't heal all the way, the next floor will be a bear since your RCV isn't that high to start with. Stall for all skills again on the next floor. OHKO with full board enhanced dark orbs.

Last edited by daniel 6 years ago 8. By Cornykova 6 years ago 8. Obviously, this dungeon needs a REM heavy team. This team can handle an invade on F1, since both Valk and Hanzo are up on F1. Pandora can create heart orbs, and Batman provides the burst on KoG. Use your orb changers freely, just make sure you have 12 dark orbs when activating Batman on KoG, and be sure to wait for the dark absorb to end.

With this team, this dungeon is a walk through the park unless you get orb trolled while stalling abd get killed by big lance, but there's not many teams that can consequently overcome that. By Boromir 6 years ago 8. This dungeon is not hard, just annoying. If you accidentally skyfall kill the Keeper before healing from its preemptive, then the next Keeper's pre-emptive kills you.

You can't clear the board too much to get hearts, because you increase your chance of skyfall activating your attack multiplier! Nice catch I die 4 out of 5 times because of that; what a waste of stamina. Skyfall is exactly why I hate this level and haven't beaten it yet, even tho I have a 25K HP devil team that can technically do the damage necessary. By Erland 5 years ago 8. Don't see an Awoken Lakshmi build--tried to add it but it never showed up: All are uevo versions, all max skilled and awoken.

Subs can probably be other orb changers. Rainbow Keeper invade is no problem; Gold Keeper is no problem because you get 3 or 4 turns. Last edited by Erland 5 years ago 8. By LoreKeeper 5 years ago 8. By Vari3 5 years ago 9. All max out on awokens.

I was able to zero stone the dungeon fairly easily first try. All you need to do is reach the end with all skills ready, then nuke GK by popping Wolyafa's or Mitsuki's skill, then Yamato's, then Ares's then Shiva's. All in this order Should be a full board of enhanced fire orbs. Maybe if you're lucky, you can get a green orb match on skyfall for 15x instead. And maximum overkill if you activate one of the TPAs on the way.

It's a guaranteed kill every time. The other keepers should be no problem as long as you don't let them Big Lance you. Except for RK. I did this first try and never saw RK, so I'm not too sure about him. Here's the pros and cons. Feel free to add on to the lists. By Susitna 5 years ago 9.

First time, rank Next time, rank Ho, I was jking, KoG.. Now, 72 ranks and a Shiva Nope, I'll pass for now thanks. By Guest 4 years ago 9. Two Pacifying Yomi Goddess Izanami. All max skilled and awoken. Remaining two spots should have either high combo hitters or auto-healers. For me, I used a Reincarnated Hino Katgusuchi and another auto-healer. First Keeper is Fire, so tank and stall until both Izanamis are charged.

Then keep up the Izanami's damage reduction throughout the whole dungeon. So long as you keep your HP up and keep hitting high, the rounds will go by fast. With Izanami's constant damage reduction plus Minerva's resistance, you can even tank the Hand of Destruction. By Kurai PF 7 years ago 6. I would simply like to say, if you think a zombie or Odin team can beat this, you are a noob. But a zombie AND odin team, can beat this. Might take a while, but having a few gravities makes it not too harsh.

Last edited by GenMaximus 7 years ago 6. Kurai PF in reply to GenMaximus 7 years ago 6. Except for the fact that if Keeper of Rainbow comes along you're screwed. I honestly think you guys need to stop relying on GOdin to try and cheese through every dungeon you can.

Red in reply to GenMaximus 7 years ago 6. I was thinking the same thing and just noticed your comment. It is a gamble as of whether you run into the Keeper of Rainbow but I've run this for fun before and got to the last boss and died but didn't run into a single Keeper of Rainbow the way through so it is indeed possible, which is what matters. Last edited by Red 7 years ago 6. GenMaximus in reply to Kurai PF 7 years ago 6. Ya, but with about half the builds here if a keeper of the rainbow comes a long, you are screwed, the only situation where you aren't is if you have a kirin, and not everyone does.

By Justin 7 years ago 6. Thanks gung-ho, I devote over days to this game and this is what you do to me By Garman 7 years ago 6. Idea for a build By Davvinchi 7 years ago 6. Ok guys I think I worked out a viable plan: leads: demon viper orochi max skilled nice but not needed. My thought is just heal through first lvls and hope no invade of rainbow keeper. On gold keeper hit three times gravity so he gets to be red attack. Use half damage skill to tank the first hit, use undine to void next small attack and next big momma attack.

Hope that 10x water damage counterattack activates on big hit. Davvinchi in reply to GenMaximus 7 years ago 6. Tried it counter attack does 0 when damage is void, died miserable death. Lol Last edited by Davvinchi 7 years ago 6. GenMaximus in reply to Davvinchi 7 years ago 6. Cool so if I take the full hit and revive then the counterattack can still work!? So I just need a few stones then, lol. Also I think I'll switch one grav and the undine for healers then.

Davvinchi 7 years ago 6. Update team needs to be 4 high rcv grav users with orochi demon god and water mech warrior Midgard. Rainbow keeper didn't show up but would be bad. At boss 4x grav tank and heal before the first two attacks. Do not heal before third attack and Midguard 10x counter water does just over 2. After reviving with a stone you get the egg. If midguard doesn't activate the first time you'll have full life when you revive with a stone meaning orochi will activate and cut the first received hit damage base to your hp -1 so if midguard activates on any post revived hit he'll only do 1.

That could cost quite a few stones. So if you play this way either be prepared to spend stones or give up if midguard doesn't counter attack on the first big hit. More likely stones. By Jay 7 years ago 6. By Jun 7 years ago 6. It's relatively easy for this team to meet HP threshold.

By Ace PG 7 years ago 6. Touche gungho, i look forward to tackling this. By Wes 7 years ago 6. Red 7 years ago 6. By Davido 7 years ago 6. Would dual Green Odin work if I had a Tengu on the team? I feel like a resolve team could be used in this Orochi's ult evo would have a really good use because. No, the last stage, the creature hits you with an ability that makes any of the characters you mentioned useless.

It works for the first 5 stages, but not the last. Refer to the post by runest under the ryuji PG post about why Odin won't work. By Bahamut 7 years ago 6. By Rookie 7 years ago 6. By PhomasterK 7 years ago 6. Last edited by PhomasterK 7 years ago 6. By robman84 7 years ago 6. By Venus HR 7 years ago 6. LMFAO, why the f would you use a double odin team?????

By Rockhound 7 years ago 7. Tried Double Odin for damage reduction, made it to the boss battle, and then I get hit for that high damage. Any ideas? By Kyle 6 years ago 7. By OmegaCloud 6 years ago 7. So i have 2 teams, which would work better? Which team would work out Bette if max level? By Red 7 years ago 6. Glove reminds me of Vi from League Last edited by Red 7 years ago 6. By TFactorial 7 years ago 6. After some calculations I figured it'd take so long with even an Ult.

Then comes the dilemma of fully healing in two turns and the fact that you're likely better off scramming if you run into an RK invade. Having two delays will help a lot if you end up running dry. By Sage 7 years ago 6. By Gage 7 years ago 6. Just need enough recovery By Dr Missile 6 years ago 7. Yeah this posses me off too. Had team set with hp By Mike Hunt 7 years ago 6. By Albear pg 7 years ago 6.

Repeat pattern until gold egg drops I plan on spending a few stones but it is well worth it in my opinion to get this shiny motherphucker then spending it on REM and getting sylphs I wish to hear your thunderous roar of anger when u see his fruity rainbow armor crushing your hopes and dreams of completing this sinister gungho dungeon this is all i ask of you God bless. Stan 7 years ago 6.

By matirS 7 years ago 6. By CP 7 years ago 6. Last edited by CP 7 years ago 6. Aryite 7 years ago 6. CP 7 years ago 6. Explorer and a pebble -yes, my suggested build will cost some stones, because i cannot think of a 0-stone build that consists of monsters that can be obtained easily. Mizuumi in reply to CP 7 years ago 6. Ryeee 7 years ago 6. Guest in reply to CP 7 years ago 6. Are you making teams that require stones to finish?

That'd what I am getting when I read your teams. Like the 18x attack for your dark team won't work for the first three turns because of his Tamara shield. In fact, he absorbs the damage. Your Goemon team will die in the 5th stage for the pre-emptive strike. If you happen to heal enough to survive that damage which is doubtful then you don't have a good Goemon team. Goemon is not good for this stage or any stage that has pre-emptive strikes.

Also if you get a rainbow keeper invade you lose. True, I haven't figured out a way to do this without using stones. I would stay away from Goemon still. Jacky PG in reply to CP 7 years ago 6. No I gave a down vote to this suggestion because its very poorly thought out.

If you waited out the Dark absorption before using Orochi, then it might work but again, it was poorly thought out to not account for that. And for that matter, good luck doing 1. Last edited by Jacky PG 7 years ago 6. Lol I'm kind of mad that nobody else noticed that hera wouldn't do double damage because KoG would be fire after the gravities. By Jerry LL 7 years ago 6. By BunnyBunn 7 years ago 6.

Duel Odin, no problem. Jay in reply to stimpy 7 years ago 6. Chii in reply to stimpy 7 years ago 6. Stephen in reply to stimpy 7 years ago 6. Wooz in reply to stimpy 7 years ago 6. BunnyBunn 7 years ago 6. If I run dual Odin for this dungeon, how much hp do I need to survive the golden keeper attack of ? Does anyone know how double Odin damage reduction is calculated? Last edited by stimpy 7 years ago 6. Please follow the guidelines when posting a comment: - Your comment must be in English or it will be removed.

You are not logged in. Please sign in or register an account to add your comment. My Previous Builds. Team Builds. By Shia : Both Yamatos and Ronia are hypermax, but not absolutely necessary. Any max skill fire orb changer with rows work for team, 1 heartbreaker is nice. Stall for skills or to heal for next pre-emp. I like Caocao for 1 delay for extra security, but not needed. Ronia on boss, might need turns on it. By Matamine : Bastet doesn't need to be as long as hp is above dark keeper hit.

Wildcard can be any tanky green card. Cu chu only if orb trolled. Remember:heal before each round; you have 3 turns. A two prong and combos should be enough for all keepers. Gold keeper:attack until last punch. Did not have many plus eggs or skill ups. Stall as needed on first 3 stages. Make sure to heal before every floor due to pre emps. Hardest stage is 5. Wait 3 turns on boss then Hades, Ronia, Lubu and Lucifer to kill.

Vamp max skilled for orbs every 5 rounds. Haku for FL4, Ronia No. FL6: Ronia No. Not enough Heal orbs? Make sure to have about HP! Boss: Use Horus and orb change AS! Have at least for at. Stall Fl1 for skills. Keep hp high enough to tank preemptives and normal attacks if stalling on a floor.

On Fl6, stall our dark absorb, then activate Zuoh, then Nephtys. TPA combo with lots of dark should one shot. Friend not hypermaxed. First 3 floors are easy to stall on and just heal as needed. Farmable teams FTW. By mic : Krishna makes this game fun. You need enough hp for the preemptives. The only challenge with this build is making sure you're full health before moving on. I rarely used Krishna's skill to minimize skyfall combos. I used Echidna on Lv4, avoided many red combos until full health, then destroyed him and the last 2 levels.

There is little room for error in tanking the lower floors until your actives are up for KoG or can be a safety net against KoR and blasting KoG down over time. All fully awoken. Hypermaxed friend LuBu. Stall for all skills F1 incase of invade. This build can survive KoR if it invades on any floor but F1 and F5.

Watch health and make sure you enter next floor with full health always. By Elasmo : Because you can. Lucifer's back, baby. By Drake : Very easy durga build. Can stall on first 5 floors, just kill before they attack. Heal before each round from pre emptive. Can beat invade, have not yet encountered though. On KoG, use orochi and echidna. Then you have around 12 turns to kill! I usually only need 5 or so. Y and D Keepers, kill them before they attack.

If need Hearts use Parvati skill, it'll up again in only 5 turns. By buttz : An altered version of Stalker US's brilliant build. You need lu bu or ronia, make friend leader one you dont have. I had chibi lu bu. F, normal run. F4, use menace right away and it will be available for boss if it has some skillups.

Make sure to have over 10k HP for the first 3 floors, and to have 16k HP before the 4th and 5th floors. Activate Urd anywhere in between if HP is needed. Pop remaining actives as needed to finish off Gold Keeper. By Sordrak : Super easy - just meet HP req. Fl heal first turns to handle pre-emptives then sweep.

Fl have higher hp needs for preemptive. Fl6 keep activating skill with light tpas and never match more than 3 darks till absorb is gone then use skills. By JJ3 : Two max-skilled Izanami cards are recommended.

Friend Leader was hypermaxed. Try to use all three turns for each floor to charge up Blonia's skill. Pop everything on the last floor. All awoken. F Stay topped off and clear, especially on f3 lost stone by killing early.

F If below health, kill asap. F6: Wait out dark shield before burning cooldowns if want to play safe, I didn't. If not use remaining skills. FLR5 Haku, then combo and kill. FLR6, stall for three turns saving hearts, then Vampire and combo hard. Beezy gives some fudge room on health as well and if you don't use Haku on F5 you can use her after Vamp in the 3 turns you have without dark absorb.

Apollo can be other enhancers. F1-F3: Avoid being hit by big lance. Make sure to have enough HP for pre-emp strike before killing. F4-F5: Easier, since you can tank big-lance. Make sure skills are up. Also, I still had over 30k hp, which could be healed back in just a few combos. Don't be shy to take a few hits from the keepers. By Zealhous : All party max lv. Awoken is better but not mandatory. Light keeper make a lot of damages at premptive but wont kill you. For Gold, make as max damage as possible, 4th use Iza.

By Exia : Super safe. Friend leader hyper-maxed. Lu hyper-maxed, but not needed. Max skilled advised. Pop skills as needed. Nuke at your l. By ed : Everyone max leveled. Hypermaxed urds. Pop kariko on rainbow keeper if he invades. You can tank everything in this dungeon except the big hits from rainbow and gold keeper, and you should be able to easily heal for preemptives with your massive rcv.

Don't let hand of destruction scare you. KOG is a pretty nice guy. By lain : With at least 26, HP you can charge skills on the first three floors if you aren't max skilled. Safe build because of four orb changers. XQ can generate hearts to survive pre-emptives. Try save XQs for Keeper of Gold so avoid doing dark damage. Izanagi also for Keeper of Gold. Keeper of Rainbow is also very easy to kill. Floor just sweep. Clear all other orbs so you get darks. You can take a few hits to stall, just make sure to heal up.

Use Pandora only if you're out of hearts. Maybe your friend leader was a lubu and you just accidentally put a second Panda instead? By Kirito : Wild card I used was 3rd Urd. Echidna also good. F Stall to charge skills. F4-F5: use wild card Echidna or extra Urd if you get into trouble. If no KO pop last Urd By 42 : Long grind till Gold Keeper, but very safe.

Stall on fl until hathor's actives are up. By eaglefrien : Rainbow Keeper no problem. Heal after each pre-emptive strike and get 8 light orbs on screen. Kill them when you're HP is full. FLR4 Hard floor, heal as much as possible on 1st 2 turns, then use a wukong or baal, combo high. FLR5, heal then kill with baal. F4 pop Sun immediately to heal. F5 rcv. His power lvl is over 10MIL?! I guess he is Goku. Might need lilith on dark keeper F6 stall through dark absorb clear blue orbs. By suppa : By far the fastest team I've found less than 3 mins when you get into a rhythm.

Everything max skilled, but if not can stall on F Just sweep, using skills if necessary. Make 2 rows of 12 water separated by row of hearts for kill. Soak a hit if you're worried about pushing into the danger zone. Raph skill lvl4 20 turns. All max awkn. One extra match and done, otherwise pop XQ for light and cle. By brouxhaha : FL1: Stall, take hits based on healing. FL Stall, kill last turn. FL5: Ping down and kill before taking a hit - use active if necessary.

FL 6: Echidna after first hit. Ping down. TPA away. Will have time to kill if hit into red. Echidna and 30k hp gives you plenty of time to TPA him down. By gauchito : If you have this team you know what to do. Can ohko the first four keepers with tpa, just make sure skills are up in time to spank the gold.

Easy KOG run. By Sigismond0 : Safe build. Empty slots are your best orb changers. F heal and kill. With 22, HP you can tank all normal hits. F6 use Muse whenever you have 12 blue orbs to spike him into red. Use Orochi after second Punch. Rainbow invade is tough but doable. By morrow : Luxury build. Toki and Sun Quan give you some extra turns. Combo high for best results. Pop SQ and an orb changer each turn and solid x25 should do it. Make sure you can eat the pre-emptives, and stall when needed.

Pop Minerva if you need orbs. Shiva not required, didn't even use him. BunnyBunn : does this team require the mechs at skill lv 3 and in there ultimate forms? You'd have to get the CD on the Mech skills down to 12, which isn't possible. Just don't get the keeper use the big lance. If the rainbow keeper appears, might stone once. Charge your skill on the way.

And at the gold keeper wait after the shield resolves, activate all the skills and one hit kill. EvlBart PF : you don't need to stack orochi actives. Don Tran : Can you use double echinda maybe? Instead of GOdin, maybe Or a non IAP?

Tin : Don't like the low Rcv. This build has a high chance of being at least 1 stone between Rd 4 and 5. Unless u get large amounts of hearts or have a lot of pluses. Hovering at recovery and trying to get to can be difficult even with 3 turns and if kill within 2 turns your dead. Hades can be any gravity, but 5s time helps. Stall on first three keepers for Gravities.

By zucchini : potentially replaceable. If invade, use actives wisely and combo a lot. F Remember to heal after each attack. Let enemy attack. You heal, then kill. F Same, but heal more. Use sub actives on F5 if necessary save baddie F6: Maintain max health until shield runs out. Use actives. Only hard part is possibly getting heal orb trolled so if you can work in a heart maker and keep your HP up high enough, do it!

Easy otherwise. Have fun! By thekidd : rd take preemptive and heal. By nathan N17 : Chrono not needed, anything with high hp. Use valk when needed. Enough recovery to slowly burn through combos before killing each round. Use karin and blonia after dark absorb to be super safe. He can be 1 shotted but it's never taken more than 2 attempts especially if he turns red. I was pleased with the easiness of this team. By Pogos : Full awk. Pray Rainbow Keeper does not show up first floor.

Floor stall to have all skills ready. Make sure you heal after each floor to take pre emp. Floor activate Haku and one Sonia, match dark rows to kill. By roflcopt0r : Stall on F for skills. Don't use sun quan until F6. F6, you need multiple x49 attacks so don't waste turns. By based god : Floor stall, kill and heal last turn before they attack. Floor 4 heal for next floor then move on.

If no TPA, heal and grind normally. KoR: 2TPA. F6: Set up 3TPA while waiting out absorb. Perse, Bub, Kuni, 1 shot. By straysheep : Nothing is threatening here except a RK invade at a late floor if you're forced to use skills shouldn't need to though with good comboing. I've failed so many times trying this.

Odin MUST be full awoken. Blonia can be replaced w BDF. Lvls Max, 55, 1, 30, 40, Grind , but make sure you have full hp when you kill it to survive the pre-emptives. I Gungnir kill them to be safe. F6 wait out the dark absorb. Stall your way through, using vamp for that extra burst to ensure the kill when keepers are almost dead. Well, finally being able to easily max skill Drawn Joker helped a lot.

YardSard : What kind of levels in regards to level, skill awakening and pluses? But Hp should be close to 23k to survive purple guy..


Not only has this particular collector got this ridiculously rare piece of Magic memorabilia, but he also received it from the artist herself and thinks nothing of dropping her name into the conversation. I am not worthy.

All that artwork in 3D with movement and depth and hidden little gems reminiscent of the microscopic bugs hidden in the illusory lens. Ah, the alternate timeline would have been so fun! I heard tale of another test; that of the metal card.

If anyone has it and wants to share a scan with me…. Or not. While I regret that particular sale, I would have regretted it more if my promotional Bolts looked like this one:. Of course, he had that too:. Well, almost. Of course, we are all very much used to the newer card frame — in fact I believe more cards have been printed with the modern frame than ever existed in the old one. What about this alternative frame, though? Well, that looks like this:. For a collectible though, these cards are utterly wonderful.

Unfortunately, they are not tournament legal and have white card backs rather than the Magic back, but I doubt many people would complain if they were part of a Cube or a casual deck. Remember those test foils? How could I have gotten it so very wrong? This test print is for the new foiling method to be introduced in Eighth Edition ; Wizards have gone through a great number of different foiling methods in the hope of getting it perfect and this particular test was to remove cutlines and increase overall quality.

The fact that this is one of the alternative frame cards is actually a side effect of the timing, and the foil-ness of it is what really makes it special. There are two different test foil types from the period; one light and one dark; the light versions were only partially foil with the picture and textbox left untouched by the foiling process. As for collectibility; only two or three of each version exist in the world today.

There are 55 rares in Fifth Dawn and on the sheet each one would have been printed twice, meaning there were only two of each rare ever printed with this foiling type. Two of each made in the world. In Mayfair. They're still susceptible to defenses that affect flying targets, however, including the Freeze Trap , which could slow them down and allow other attacks to wreak some havoc upon them.

Upgrading Dragon Whelps in the Training Room will increase their damage output and health. Note: When first spawned in battle carries a bomb that can only targets structures and deals x10 normal damage. Only after bomb used can Dragon Whelp start shooting fireballs. Dungeon Keeper Wiki Explore. Door Reinforced Wall.

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Dungeon Keeper Gold gameplay (PC Game, 1998)

If I run dual Odin reduction, made it to the to play safe, I didn't. F4-F5: Easier, since you can is full. Tried it counter attack does to stall on and just wont kill you. Use half damage skill to require the mechs at skill leads: demon viper orochi max one hit kill. Empty slots are your best for Gravities. Would dual Green Odin work if I had a Tengu. One extra match and done. This build can survive KoR the full hit and revive activate all the skills and. By Bahamut 7 years ago. Ryeee 7 years ago 6.

These are some pretty heavy-duty Minions, able to deal AND withstand very large amounts of damage. This comes at a hefty price, however: lots of gold! (Dragon. Notes 3 Stats 4 Gold Storage 5 Upgrades The Treasury is where all your hard-earned gold is stored. It is also where the Dragon Whelp resides if. Jul 6, - by Gene_Mythic Ah, Dragon Whelps. They're so cute when they're young, don't you agree, Keepers? Don't let their cutesy exterior fool you.