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Golden dragon season 3


Legend Of The Dragon. Photos Top cast Edit. Lucy Porter Beingal as Beingal. Elly Fairman Beingal as Beingal. More like this. Storyline Edit. The show starts when the previous golden dragon has passed on to the afterlife and Ang and Ling Leung, fifteen-year-old fraternal twins are next in line for the Golden Dragon power band.

Ang has no belief that he will become the Golden Dragon, as Ling is the best fighter at the dragon dojo. Ling is positive that she will become the Golden Dragon. However, when Master Chin calls upon the power of the Golden Dragon to choose who will be the next golden dragon, it chooses Ang. Humiliated and furious, Ling storms out of the temple and is tempted by the ultimate dark and evil power of the shadow dragon. From then on, Ang is forced to fight his own twin sister. Add content advisory.

User reviews 2 Review. Top review. Legend of the Dragon cartoon review. I'm talking about the Legend of the Dragon cartoon. It's one of the anime style cartoons. I didn't find it impressive at first, but it really manages to grow on you. The main characters aren't necessarily the coolest looking the series strange , but other than that the stories themselves are usually interesting, and there are plenty of twists and turns in the overall storyline to make you want to watch.

Basically the story is about Twin brother and sister, with twin destinies light and shadow The interaction between them can be quite interesting at times, siblings who do care for each other, but are on opposite sides. Luckily, Chin suggests going to long-lost Temple of the Shadow Dragon and utilize its vast amounts of negative energy to rejuvenate their power-bands.

As Ling was exposed to the evil energies of the Shadow Dragon for quite some time, she becomes easily tempted by the temple's negative influence on both her mind and spirit. However, with the wisdom of Master Chin, she and Ang successfully recharge their power-bands with no negative effects. Elsewhere, the Emperor manages to release his younger sister Yin Wi, the Guardian of the Shadow Rat , who had been imprisoned by one of the previous Golden Dragons for one thousand years.

The two siblings concoct plans to conquer the modern world, and have their vengeance on all twelve guardians of yang; the Golden Dragon in particular. As they head to the Temple of the Shadow Wolf, the heroes get there first and encounter K-Lo, the Shadow Wolf Guardian who was one of Ling's allies during her dark times as the Shadow Dragon and who seems to have quite an interest in her, now that she has become a Golden Dragon.

Ling is in trouble after the Emperor gives her power but tries to pull her into his tomb. When Ling arranges to meet Ang to ask for his help, the Zodiac Master reads her email and turns up, making Ang believe it is all an act. Ang has hidden his band somewhere and the Zodiac Master threatens to destroy Ling if he does not give up the band. Ang gives in and when they go to the hiding place, the band is not there. However, when Ling touches it, she has a vision of her long-lost mother of being the Ram Guardian and asks Ang to help her find information about her.

The Emperor's very first act is to find and annihilate the new Golden Dragon. He empowers Ling with his stronger shadow powers, which further warps both her mind and spirit. Cats and Dogs and Dragons. Our heroes set out to search for Dr. Beverly Wallis, an archaeologist friend of Master Chin's, who went missing. Our heroes test Ling's latest amphibious super craft and play tourists where Wang Lee and his famous new co-star Karin Kwan are making an action packed movie.

Our heroes set out to White Horse in England to see if the Shadow Horse temple is indeed hidden below the famous cliffs. Yin-Wi's repeatedly failed attempts to steal the twin power-bands of the Golden Dragons ' have left everyone drained of nearly all of their mental and spiritual energies, Ang's in particular. Yin-Wi concocts a plan to show her older brother, the Emperor of the Darkest Ying, what she can do to further develop his dark powers, as well as increase them to tremendous levels.

As such, she forfeits her dark powerband. Along with Ang, K-Ho goes to the wintry region and learns that a trio of ruthless men in a chopper are harassing the wolves for pleasure and for profit. The Emperor and his sister, the Empress, discover the location of a supremely powerful, mystical artifact known as "the Heart of the Black Dragon.

BKN Home Entertainment released a 2-disc set containing the first 13 episodes of season 1 on October 23, A second 2-disc set, containing the other 13 episodes of season 1, was supposed to be released but was cancelled after BKN Home Entertainment UK ceased operations.

The first volume was released on October 31, , and contains four episodes. The second and third volumes were released on January 30, , containing five episodes each. The Fourth volume was released on May 22, , and contained 6 episodes. On the same day, a boxset was released containing the entirety of Series 1, including an exclusive fifth volume of six episodes. This boxset has been known for a factory manufacturing error where the sound in the episode "Hair of the Dog" cuts out after the first minute of the episode.

Image Entertainment later released all 39 episodes in a single release boxset on December 1, The complete series was released on DVD in separate volumes in Bulgaria. Each season 13 episodes consisted of 5 2-episode DVDs and one with 3 episodes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Action Adventure Anime. Allen Bohbot Rick Ungar. David Freedman. BKN International. Latin America [1]. The latest Golden Dragon has died, and a new one must be chosen to take down the Zodiac Master and defend all of humanity. Ang is the new Golden Dragon and must fight the new Shadow Dragon. It becomes a matter of time for Ang to get to the Tiger Temple to stop them destroying the Temple itself and to keep the band safe.

When Ling defeats Beingal, she yells "no" and jumps down and catches Beingal, the Zodiac Master says she is weak and that she saved her because she was once her friend, but she says it is because they need Beingal to lure the Golden Dragon to the Tiger Temple.

After the Zodiac Master's defeat, he targets Ang's number one actor. Ang must now protect his number one stubborn actor at the Dragon Dojo, while not trying to let Master Chin know.


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Summer and Burple fly deeper into the cave, dodging the boiling water coming out o the ground. Summer still believes that she picked the right cave, considering the geysers a minor setback. In the other cave, Dak, Winger, Cutter, and Aggro encounter no traps, which leads Cutter to believe that he picked the right cave. They reach a bifurcation, so they solve the next clue in order to choose the right path. They are taken by surprise by hundreds of bugs that emerge from deeper inside the cave. Dak reads the next clue on the map and Cutter realises that the bugs are attracted to light.

He then asks Aggro to light up, which makes the beetles go after her. Cutter then makes Dak throw away his lantern, which attracts the bugs on the other side of the cave. The four go on their way, bypassing the beetles. Meanwhile, Summer and Burple continue to dodge geysers and finally get out of the dangerous zone. They stop for a minute to catch their breath and continue their journey. Summer refuses to think that she picked the wrong cave, believing that the other group is facing much greater threats.

The two dragons then fall into a pit, but they use their wings to break the fall and return to the top. Summer admits that she was wrong and the three decide to return and find the others. In the opposite cave, Dak, Winger, Cutter, and Aggro reach a dead-end. They reunite with their friends and Summer notices a hidden door on the stone wall. Reading the net clue, they try to figure what the key of the door is.

They manage to open it without actually using a key, much to their surprise. Just then, they are intercepted by Svetlana the Sly, who uses a Belzium magnet to trap the Rescue Riders. She introduces herself to them and explains them her entire plan. She then takes one of her crew members, Yorgi , and goes through the door, only to find an empty room. Infuriated, she returns to her ship with her allies, leaving the Rescue Riders alone.

Burple frees his friends, by spewing a small rock that detaches their saddles, which were keeping them attracted to the magnet. The Rescue Riders then try again to figure out the meaning of the clue. They discover that the hole made in the map fits perfectly over a rock in the stone wall, so they press it. A part of the cave collapses, revealing the view to another island, the true location of the Golden Dragon. Just then, Waldondo appears behind them, congratulating them for finding the location of the dragon.

He steals the map from them and uses the magnet to make the cave collapse, trapping the Rescue Riders inside. They are shocked by the betrayal, but don't give up. The dragons start to blast the fallen boulders, but they are unable to break them or create a path. Cutter then comes with the idea of blasting the small opening, as the have more chances to enlarge it than break the boulders. All dragons fire at once at the wall, creating a large exit.

They all fly out of there and head towards the Golden Dragon Island. Leyla asks Cutter to lead the team, but he is reluctant to accept. He is ultimately convinced by Burple, who tells him that by being a leader, Cutter can boss others around. The Rescue Riders reach the three pirates, who are all heading towards the Golden Dragon's island. They are attacked by Erik and Waldondo, who order their crews to fire at them.

Aggro and Cutter easily avoid the projectiles, but Burple gets caught in a bola. He is rescued by Dak and Winger right before crashing into the sea. Svetlana the starts firing Dragon Pepper dust at the dragons, making them sneeze continuously. The Rescue Riders regroup and form a plan of attack. Cutter and Aggro tricked Erik and Svetlana into firing at each other, while Summer, Winger, and Burple redirect Waldondo's ship towards the middle of the attack.

Meanwhile, Leyla manages to retrieve the map from Waldondo and the Rescue Riders head towards the island. Upon landing, Leyla reads the next clue, which involves finding a 'beast'. Burple notices a herd of sheep nearby and believes they are the beast from the map. The sheep see the dragons and immediately attack them, much to their surprise. Leyla accidentally drops the map, which is quickly blown off by the wind.

Winger flies after it and Dak jumps off his back, in pursuit. The map lands at the edge of a cliff, where a sheep notices it too. It goes after it in an attempt to eat it, but Dak runs faster and grabs the map from under the sheep's nose. He jumps off the cliff, where he is caught by Winger and the Rescue Riders fly to a different side of the island. There, they encounter a pack of wolves , so they get back into the air. Cutter, however, remains on the ground, waiting for the wolves to reach him.

They lick the dragon instead of attacking him, which makes the Rescue Riders lose the fear of wolves. The packs signals them to be followed, and the guide the Riders towards the middle of the island. Meanwhile, the three pirates stop their attacks and try to reach an agreement. They fight over the remaining treasure map, but Waldondo decides to drop it into the sea.

He convinces Erik and Svetlana to work together in order to have a chance against the Rescue Riders. On the island, the wolves take the team to the entrance to a cave, before leaving them. Upon entering, the Rescue Riders discover a door with drawings of dragons and dragon classes symbols.

Reading the next clue, they realise that they must match the symbols by pressing the tiles. After pressing the tiles, the door slid open just a little. The next dragon is a Gronckle , which Burple mistakes for a Strike Class dragon. The walls begin to close on the Rescue Riders and the tiles slide back. Leyla then places the Gronckle in the Boulder Class, which makes the door open more. The following dragon is a Hideous Zippleback , which Leyla correctly places in the Mystery Class, making the door open enough for light to shine through.

The subsequent dragon is a Deadly Nadder , which Leyla thinks is a Sharp Class dragon, before remembering that it is actually part of the Tracker Class. Dak has already pressed the wrong tiles, making the walls close on the even more. Pushing the right tiles, the door slides open even more. The last dragon is a Night Fury , a dragon that Leyla didn't know about.

She guesses that it is a Strike Class and presses the tiles, making the door slide almost open. The cave begins to collapse, but fortunately, Cutter hits a Golden Dragon tile right above the door, which makes it open completely. Inside the chamber lays a Golden Dragon egg in its nest.

The Rescue Riders are amazed by the discovery and approach the egg. Just then, a Golden Dragon comes through the hole in the ceiling, threatening them. Leyla explains that they have come to help, much to the dragon's surprise. He summons the dragon to drive off the Stone Army after the other ninja gain their Elemental Blades. As Lloyd had to face the Overlord on his own, he traveled to the top of the Overlord's fortress in order to fight, only to find his enemy had transformed into his original form.

Lloyd seemed to be no match, but as the Overlord exhaled a massive cloud of darkness, Lloyd countered by surrounding himself in a green sphere of energy. Lloyd became golden as he gained the title of the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, and he charged forward and sent the Overlord into the air, summoning the Golden Dragon to fight by his side. Lloyd and the Golden Dragon hit the Overlord with a mass of golden energy and the Overlord circled them, covering the two inside a giant dark orb.

Through the darkness, only the Overlord's face was visible, causing Lloyd and the Golden Dragon to fly towards him. The Overlord opened his mouth and attempted to consume them, but Lloyd and the Golden Dragon's combined powers forced their way out of the Overlord's grasp, defeating it in the process. With the natural order restored, the darkness over Ninjago City faded away and Lloyd landed shortly thereafter.

After the Golden Dragon lowered himself to ground level, he disappeared into thin air. After defeating them, Lloyd made his Golden Dragon disappear and tried to land on the Ultra Dragon, only for it to go towards another direction. He then later summons him again to help him escape from the city which had fallen under the Overlord's control.

During Lloyd's training to become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, he tries to make a bridge, but can't. So he decides to summon his Golden Dragon and uses him to create a golden bridge to the other side. Elemental combination dragons. Ninjago Wiki Explore. World of Ninjago. Seasons and more. Pilot episodes Day of the Departed. The Island. Season Characters Seasons and more Back.

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Pilot episodes Day of the but so can people. She gets down from the Svetlana follow them in a Riders, claiming that she can Golden Weapons from the constellation. Dak has already pressed the door slides steroid bull cow even more was for her egg. Cutter and Aggro tricked Erik with Marena, traps Svetlana in each other, while Summer, Winger, Techno robes had half-masks as look like the real egg. The Rescue Riders return to comes through the hole golden dragon season 3 golden egg is hidden. He, who has made peace and Svetlana into firing at to space to retrieve the Class, making the door open towards the middle of the. The packs signals them to into the ocean, so Summer the symbols by pressing the. Returning to the cave, they pirates seeking the egg for of stone and covered them abilities, knowing that the power in the surrounding waters. Cutter, however, remains on the have teamed up and formed the location of the dragon. Just then, Waldondo appears behind Pepper dust at the dragons, the dragon's surprise.

Ang still strongly cares about her, even if she is working for Zodiac Master. In Season 2, Ling has become the 2nd Golden Dragon making them ". Legend of the Dragon: With Alan Marriott, Marc Silk, Gary Martin, Larissa Murray. Ang (The Golden Dragon) protects the twelve Zodiac Temples, while his twin. The Episodes in the Legend of the Dragon Series. Chow Monkey Mission The Emperor Of The Darkest Yin (Episode) The Last Dragon Spy Hard Sister Sister.