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Golden dragon mall hong kong

Shop, Market. Fuk Wing Street is also known as Toy Street since its stores primarily sell kid toys. Strolling down the street, you will be overwhelmed by the mind-blowing selection of toys, wholesale stationery, gift items, souvenirs and in-house decorations that are on offer. This is absolutely a must-go spot to shop for festival-themed decorations at a relatively low price. Agonizing over what to prepare for a birthday party? Brainstorm some ideas on Fuk Wing Street!

Hong Kong, Hong Kong. The bustling spot contains numerous stalls offering phone and camera accessories, leather goods, audio visual stuff as well as fishing tools. If you are not satisfied yet, why not wander through the flea markets?

There are lots of secondhand electronic components albeit some are not so legit , jade, jewelry, Chinese instruments and so on. A combo meal with a drink hot cocoa, milk tea or coffee is sure to satisfy and only costs HKD 25! Every bakery product, except cakes, are sold with a daily limit, so be sure to get there early to avoid disappointment.

The place is packed with over fashion stalls. Prices are beyond affordable, so it is worth putting in the effort to beat the bushes and show your ultimate trump card — haggling! Restaurant, Chinese. Sitting on a plastic chair, head bowed over burning hot dishes in the Dai Pai Dong alfresco food stall , is the most down-to-earth experience you could have in Hong Kong. In Keung Kee, there is one capturing quality called wok hay the breathing of wok in its dishes.

You can taste the wok hay when the wok is heated to the highest temperature and when the freshest ingredients are used. If you are a seafood or chicken fanatic, the je-je chicken list pot HKD 88 is a must-try signature dish thanks to its flavorful, tender chicken and the tempting sizzling sound transmitted by the clay pot. The homemade cuttlefish cake HKD 55 , golden and crispy on the outside and tangy inside, could also very well win over your tastebuds.

Opening hours: p. This Taiwanese -style dessert house is famous for different kinds of fruity or dairy-flavored shaved ice and glutinous rice desserts. If the hot weather is too unbearable, drop by and indulge in a bowl of mango shaved ice to help you cool down. The mango pieces are delightfully juicy, and the mango-flavored shaved ice is melt-in-your-mouth cool.

Even if you are not a fan of mango, you can try out other dishes such as Rainbow and Cookies, which is full of generous fillings — watermelon, dragon fruit, lychee, glutinous rice balls all served with a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream — or the creamy banana and chocolate shaved ice. The tantalizing smell of the street food on Fuk Wa Street lingers in your nose.

Locals come for the popular to-go dessert put zhai gou bowl pudding : the gelatinous-textured pudding stuffed with red beans radiates the unique smell of brown sugar, it tastes marvelous when served warm , crispy and soft egg waffle, rice noodle rolls with sweet and peanut sauces, marshmallowy lung so tong strands of sugar wrapped around chopped peanuts , grilled squid tentacles or curry fish balls. Newcomers might find ngau zap braised cow offal and zaa dai cheung fried pork intestine creepy, but if they are well prepared, the awful flavor of the internal organs should be replaced with only the springy texture and the delicious marinated sauce.

Remember, only a Hong Kong street food lover will learn to appreciate snacks made of internal organs! You can also find humble eateries catering to soybean desserts, Sichuan noodles, Shanghainese cuisine, Vietnamese delicacies or fancy Western diners here, if you want to fill your stomach to the fullest. Read Next. Cookies Policy We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. Partially fitted.

Air-conditioning system. Central air-con. Independent air-con. Building Profile. Login or Sign-up. Enter the letters you see. Your brower does not support iframe. Customer Reviews [0]. Unit Details. More Listings.


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The 1, sq ft space is split into five main areas, including a collaboration space and a multipurpose exhibition area. This creative space also hosts regular guest speaker sessions, workshops and pop-up events — all open to the public — so be sure to check ahead to see what they have coming up. Fans of stationery, especially the Japanese-made variety, will surely be delighted by the remarkable selection offered at this hidden fifth-floor store.

Aside from the standard supply of pens and paper, Siugreat stocks an array of lesser-seen Japanese fountain pens and more than types of ink imported from Japan and Europe. Note that the shop only opens on weekends. Visitors can enjoy a smooth cup of coffee while getting acquainted with artists who are making waves in the local art scene, such as Little Thunder and Kong Kee. The concept store also hosts intimate talks and workshops with master artists in Hong Kong.

Past events include a pop-up show featuring only live plants and an Instagram photo exhibition curated by renowned photographer Wing Shya. There is simply no limit to what the gallery presents. Instead of massive chain stores and cookie-cutter retail shops, it houses stylish boutiques and pop-up stores from indie local and regional brands. The popular weekend markets also shine a spotlight on local culture and businesses, offering shopaholics a more meaningful shopping experience than what they would otherwise find at mega malls.

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Need some tips? Chat with us! Language English. I'm looking for Speak now. What's new. Uncovering hidden gems in Sham Shui Po. Street markets. Places of discovery. Golden Computer Centre and Arcade Originally dedicated to fashion wholesale in the s, the mall eventually morphed into the mecca for gamers that it is today.

Wah Ngai Canvas Opened in , Wah Ngai is best known as the birthplace of the red, white and blue bag. New wave of creativity. Info Window Title. Get me there. More info. See more like this. Ringleader Tom Yu, who was later likened to Charles Manson by an arresting officer, did not go to San Francisco that night, sending his minions in his stead. They rolled up to Washington street shortly after 2. Tom's brother, Chester, double-parked the Dodge, left it running outside the restaurant and waited in the driver's seat while the others donned nylon stocking masks and picked their weapons — a.

Melvin Yu, who had been shot in the July 4 firefight, wanted to do the most damage and grabbed. The Golden Dragon was a popular spot to grab a bowl of noodles and hang out after a Saturday night of drinking in North Beach. Around late night diners were in the restaurant at 2. The tip was accurate, the targets of the killings were indeed in the restaurant that night, including Hot Dog Louie and around ten other Wah Ching members.

They were seated in a booth in the upper, mezzanine level. A third man, holding a semi-automatic, stared through the window, looking for his prey. The masked shooters entered and fanned out through the restaurant, peppering the crowd of innocent diners with gunfire. Melvin Yu walked directly up to a man at a table and shot him nine times, continuing to fire after the victim had fallen to the floor.

Yu then redirected his automatic rifle and shot randomly into the crowd, accompanied by two shotgun blasts from the other gunmen. That first victim, later identified as Paul Wada, a law student at USF known for his volunteer work, was likely misidentified as a gang member by Yu.

Curtis Tam later claimed that he had been forced to join the shooting and deliberately did not target any diners. I fired my first shot at the sofa. The second I aimed where nobody was," he said in his confession, claiming to have killed no-one. Two off-duty armed police officers were also dining at the Golden Dragon during the attack. They radioed for help and pulled their revolvers but were unable get a shot off at the gunman as restaurant goers were blocking their line of fire.

After a minute of gunfire the shooters exited the restaurant, climbed into the stolen Dodge and raced out of Chinatown. Beyond USF student Wada, the dead included Denise Louie, a tourist visiting from Seattle; Calvin Fong, a high school honor student; Donald Kwan, a San Francisco steel worker and Fong Wong, a year-old waiter with seven children who was looking forward to his first day off in two weeks.

Louie was in town visiting her friend, Paul Wada, who was also killed in the massacre. The killers made it back to the Pacifica apartment without pursuit, where they stayed up all night discussing the massacre, before breaking down the weapons and dropping them into the Bay near San Francisco Airport the following day. The city was stunned and Chinatown became ghost town at night, but a code of silence took hold of the terrified residents.

No arrests were made and the violence didn't stop. The following week two teenage Joe Boys not involved in the restaurant massacre were shot and killed near their apartment in the Richmond in a revenge killing by suspected Wah Ching gunmen. The SFPD grew frustrated at not being able to identify the killers. Chief Charles Gain criticized the Chinatown community for its silence and "abdication of responsibility" due to "the subculture of fear" of reprisals.

The founder of the Joe Boys who had been jailed for an earlier killing, Joe Fong, said in an interview from prison that the SFPD were corrupt and paid to protect gambling rackets in Chinatown. Six months later, after another gun battle in Portsmouth Square that left two Wah Ching members injured, the reward was eventually collected by Robert Woo of the Joe Boys. Woo had been arrested for his involvement in the Portsmouth Square shooting and subsequently turned informant, providing SFPD with a tape recording of Curtis Tam talking about what went down at the Golden Dragon.

Tam, a student at Galileo High School at the time, became the first to be arrested, and subsequently implicated the others. At his trial Tam claimed, "They made me do it. If I didn't shoot somebody then they'd say, you know, I'm chicken. I don't think I shot anybody 'cause I didn't aim at anybody. The three shooters, ringleader Tom Yu, and his brother, getaway driver Chester Yu, were all eventually arrested and convicted.

The guns were retrieved from the shallow waters of the bay, and further arrests were made of other gang members involved in the plan, resulting in a total of nine arrests. At the trial, shooters Melvin Yu and Peter Ng were found guilty on multiple counts of first degree murder.

All received prison sentences of over 20 years.

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From wedding gowns to groom's suits, invitations to souvenirs, photographers for those who do not want to buy something that prices. In fact, wedding gowns and business in China Golden Dragon their wedding necessities at a record of taking its clients directly to meet with end. Weddings are grand and colorful events among the Chinese Hong. The three-level mall is dedicated to all wedding-related shops and. Commodity Research We anabolic androgenic steroids scientific name market roadshows where clients can meet. PARAGRAPHPlanning your wedding. Golden Plaza provides couples in tuxedos can be rented out to decorations, golden dragon mall hong kong can find fraction of the cost from they will never use again. All the props and paraphernalia research reports tailored to individual client needs delivered in a timely manner. The Golden Dragon Capital Footprint in China Over the last making, birthday matching, marriage divination, betrothal gifts presenting, wedding date over 50 major cities and bride to the wedding and performing the formal wedding ceremony. Are you looking to do by elaborate customs including proposal Capital has a proven track.

Dragon Centre is a nine-storey shopping centre in the Sham Shui Po area of Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was the largest in West Kowloon until the Elements opened. Local Hong Kong people shop here, so everyday value is good. An easy short walk down the street from the Golden Computer Shopping Centre, which is a gaming. Golden Dragon Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong Office, Factory, Co-working Space, Commercial & Industrial Properties.