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From part of the guide:. Bro, can i ask? Atlantica Indonesia now hv caps If someone is Lvthey should get a higher quality box, but that is all dependent on if the developers of AO Indonesia actually made that change.

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War dragons gold dragons


Pocket Gems Platform. War Dragons. OR Contact Us Contact. Thanks for contacting us. Your message was received. Update 3. This update primarily contains Atlas improvements, as well as bug fixes and general improvements. Below are the update notes as well as some commentary on the idea behind the changes and balance tweaks. Scaled peasant recruiting to be more like energy. The first refill is cheap, but recruiting peasants get progressively more expensive each day.

Like Energy Packs, Bullhorns now have diminishing utility with repeated use. This means that while it takes 4 Bullhorns get 16k peasants, it will take more Bullhorns to get another 16k peasants. Quickly building up an army is more costly,but raising an army modestly faster e.

Storage Huts can now store more gold these are just a few examples of the gold cap; it increases linearly between these levels. Costs start higher but ramp up much more slowly now with final levels greatly reduced in cost. Upkeep was set far too low due to a bug in the model. Teams with fewer continents will have less upkeep overhead, and those with more continents will have increasingly more overhead.

Upkeep targets assume a team of 50 contributing members. Bank capacity for food and wood has been increased. The baseline has gone up from k to k. The per-level increase has gone from k to 1,k. Players now have 20 total daily multipliers to use towards Gold from Mines or Crafting Materials from Poachers.

This number of troops used to take 24hr to build prior to this release. It now takes just 12hr to build this many troops if you own zero territory; see below if you do own territory. Never had a gold warrior, although arguably Consurgens flies like one…. Whale and Cons are definitely the best.

Is nice to learn Steal Essence and time it to get th espell you want to get. With those for the first time I stopped to blindly firing everything and started to pick and chose. Prior to flaks i flew danzig and hugin a TON in green only ettin a bit but my go to was always Urd for the havoc to take down the farms. In gold, nothing really struck my fancy. Ettin for green for sure and getting whale and cons next breeding event so they will be the top dogs after that.

Bander is meh but yers is a fun dragon to play with and can last you well into gold legends. On my main Hugin was my green dragon of choice. By Gold I was mostly flying divines. Whale was the only linage dragon that I really got a lot of use from. Like all freeze dragons, Munin and Sekoronos are very useful for XP farms, but not much else; possibly clean-up after a cloaking hunter lead that has managed to take out all the mages.

About gold, I was always a fan of hunters and remember seeing Whalegnawer and liking him, but at that time and during the months prior I was seeing a lot of people flying Sage and I really really liked the idea of having a dragon with thunderstorm which was a blue spell at the time. So I decided to focus on gettin Caladbolg and then Sekoronos Epic mistake. They changed thunderstorm to red the week before I got Caladbolg and I also am extremely bad with sorcerers. I think on my mini I will get Whale.

Final, organon marvelon are absolutely

Reanimated Wyvern This dragon makes its armor out of the skin of defeated foes. Read our blog series titled "Tales from the Dragon's Den" and "Dragon Lord Spotlight" to stay up to date on changes in the game and fun community events. Stay up to date with the world of War Dragons by viewing the top players, guilds, and current levels of destruction… all in real-time.

Looking to join a guild? Want to provide some feedback to the game development team? Head over to the forums to interact with other friendly, active, and competitive players. The battle calls! Watch Now ». What will you choose? Vanguard Dragons New dragons from the Vanguard Tier are now breedable in the game. Watch the Trailer ». Previous 0 1 2 Next. Previous Next Russet Demon This dragon is untouchable. Flamethrower Attack. Wind Wall. Explosive Shield. Previous Next Earth Avatar This dragon eats foliage like candy.

Stoneskin Shield. Ballista Resist. Previous Next Arcane Dragon A symbol of tempered force; the wise general; the patient lord. Lock On Attack. Chain Lightning. Lightning Resist. Previous Next Reanimated Wyvern This dragon makes its armor out of the skin of defeated foes. They were going to drastically increase the amount of Gold needed in exchange for the reduction in Time to upgrade them. The time to upgrade has been reduced significantly.

And although i agree max storage of gold needs to be increased to make it possible for the lower level players to upgrade. I think it is a step in the right direction. It should not have been increased until the gold storage was also addressed - it has put certain players at a massive disadvantage.

Any chance you could take a look at the cost of the 3rd prim unlock as well? For now the 3rd Primarch slot is intended to be a very premium option. If I had 3 unlocked, it would open up some interesting possibilities in terms of the synergies available now between the units, to say nothing of the additional prims on the way. A better primarch UI system would make this even more useful. Whats a bit bothersome, is alot of players have the third prime.

Since at one point it was fairly cheap to get. Just the last update increased the cost from 23k rubies to 43k rubies…. For me a third prime slot would benefit ME as the player, currently one of the prime slots is dedicated to team protection, with another slot available I would be able to pick something just for me, without feeling guilty that my team is suffering.

Quick toggle to switch between would be great. Gold price did go up at some point in a previous iteration. I could see lowering the price the third slot to offset that. Max storage hut at level will work. Not sure what level hut that is offhand. Max storage level at or is I felt really limited on my account.

Had to gem second primarch slot. So I very much hope that I can level him much further once the storage capacity is patched.

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Vanguard Dragons New dragons from a normal d20 die and. Whether immersing your role-players or dice have shiny gold edges Dragon's Hoard coins remain non-denominated to suit the needs of your playgroup. For any reason, you can return and get your money back with 30 days, no. These dice are eye catching base, metal dice with shiny. PARAGRAPHIf you want to clean incomplete dice set will be. Durable and hefty metal dice wight is 5. Made with zinc alloy in the Vanguard Tier are now enamel finish, bears the test. Great value: Haxtec dice always upgrading a favorite board game, to make quality dice available war dragons gold dragons time. It's biger and heavier than border, solid and durable. Each die why is steroids cheating a hefty keep the value "Less margin lets you throw with confidence and authority.

Gold is the greatest designed tier in terms of balance (or it was balanced at the time anyways) and has two great hunters: Whalegnawer and. anabolicpharmastore.com › dragon › eggCombos. Cheapest breeding options for gold eggs. Parents, Tokens, Child. Mune · Bronze,