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From part of the guide:. Bro, can i ask? Atlantica Indonesia now hv caps If someone is Lvthey should get a higher quality box, but that is all dependent on if the developers of AO Indonesia actually made that change.

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Gold treasure box dragon nest


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Hot Time Attendance Event. A lots of rewards are waiting for you! Collect the rewards by just logging in anytime! Weekly Mission Drill. Rewards may not be given out to mixed characters in an account which complete the mission. Good Competition Event. Event 1: We are looking for Mission Heroes! We will select 3 heroes who have completed the highest number of Bulletin Board Mission. Event 2: We are looking for Sunset Cloister Heroes!

We will select 3 heroes who have completed the highest number of Sunset Cloister. Event 3: We are looking for Roulette Heroes! We will select 3 heroes who earned the most Board Game coins Roulette 3-stage clear reward during the event period. Event 4: We are looking for phoenix heroes! The specified items below are at your special storage at random time. But, the time period is different every day.

Keep your eyes on the community, you may be able to find some adventurers who have received the reward! GM Character will issue 3 questions via Messenger Blue Bird in-game announcement about the game and etc. Geraint Necklace Event. Tags: None. Adventure Key These keys are needed in order to open the Adventure boxes you've obtained through successfully completing a Remote Dungeon Exploration Quest, the amount of keys needed to open a box depends on the rarity of the Adventure box, ranging from Rare , Epic to Unique.

You will need the Adventure Keys in order to open these boxes, each rarity of box requires different number of keys to use in order to open them up and receive the valuable items inside Rare boxes - 1 keys required Epic boxes - 10 keys required Unique boxes - 30 keys required Rewards When opening an Adventure's Box, you will receive an item, each rarity of Adventure Box from Rare to Unique has different values of items and the number of items rewarded.

Comment Post Cancel. BananaCredits commented. For Memory Fragments, isnt that they are directly dropped from the Boss itself, not from the chest? Shovels commented. I am confirm that MF is dropped from the boss itself, because I had been farming genesis since it was released back then. Oh well unless they ninja-patched it. Alliance Guild There are 3 Alliances or Factions in the game, which consists of many npcs. Golden Goose Guild Free Adventurer's Guild Cassius Palace Each Faction has their own type of Points named after them, these alliance points can be used to purchase certain items on the alliance point store.

Location of the store:. Shovels ; , AM. NEST Nest is what makes the game fun, it is where you gather up your friends, or strangers and go on a party with the Dragons! As of now, Nests are only limited to 4-man and 8-man Raid party, considering they have split the ones into "Division" Nests, where you can repeatedly do runs while you have FTG, Division Nests is a portal to choose 4 different Nests which comprises all the Daily Task and Weekly Task activities, and this is also the place where you can acquire Lebrium Points, and Nest Points, as well as other valuable crafting items, and a chance for a Unique Grade accessory that is only available on Division Nests.

Nest Staged is located here:. Drop Rate boost event doesnt affect chest drop, but only boss drops. Since all loots from nests are dropped from chests, therefore Drop Rate event doesnt have any effect on nests.

This is where you can earn up Slayer points to exchange these points for valuable slayer gear, or enhancement Hammers. NOTE: There have been rumors of these so called "Slayer Skills" that is only available for the Slayer gear to have, for the compensation of being 2nd to the best armor available in the game, these Slayer Skills changes some of its skills, making it more powerful. Slayer skills are only available when wearing slayer gears, these slayer skills increases a particular type of skill a part of slayer gear has it, for example, let's say Sniper Hector Helm increases the effectiveness of Camouflage, the player could choose between Skill Slayer A and B, these 2 options will determine the changes of the skill designated for that type of slayer skill the gear has when you equip it.

SLAYER GEAR These are slayer gears you can equip your character with the right type of slayer gear, each class has different sets of slayer gear and can only equip a type of slayer gear specified for your class. Currently there are 39 Classes available, so there are a total of 39 sets of slayer gear that can only be equipped on each class present at the moment.

Slayer Gears are updated as soon as a Tier upgrade for the strongest type of gear is updated in the game ex. Since the Genesis Accessory have been a cheaper alternative for many players to purchase on TH, hunting for the necessary materials for the Genesis Ring wouldn't be necessary anymore, and i would be deleting the details regarding the Genesis Accessory and add in something else here.

Reserved it for last. How to farm for golds? Thanks for the advices ". Rezty commented. Hope it gets stickied or pinned. Thank you! As a new player who just started the game a week ago, this is very helpful! Hi, do you mind sharing any tips on farming slayer pieces effectively?

Based on my past experience, I was unable to farm even one piece of slayer equipment, whether it belongs to my class or not. What I did was: - Doing daily quest slayer mode abyss x 2 - Run slayer mode abyss x 10 when there is drop rate boosting buff or every Wednesday - I used to do slayer mode with a partner. But I realize that there is more loot available if I farm on my own, so I no longer farm with partner.

I think it was either that my farming method was ineffective or my luck was really bad. Zoros commented. Thanks for the replies. Great guide, thank you for your efforts. Thank you for making this guide man. Couldn't wait to get it finished but I will be starting to do the methods that was put in the guide to farm Gold once I've reached max level, really appreciate it. All rights reserved. Yes No.

OK Cancel. Requirements to complete Task. Gosuk's Precious Box Chance to drop, random. Gold Goblin's Coin Random Chance, pretty low. Adventure Key x1 and some copper coins. Adventure Key x3 and more copper coins. Adventure Key x50 and still more copper coins. Low Grade Adventure Box.


If the wrong one is picked, you may receive a debuff, a group of mimics, a regeneration buff, or a quackum. During the hiding portion is a good time to regenerate your character or consume items, as there doesn't seem to be a time limit associated with it. Two common attacks are a shower of coins within a circle of small radius, and 6 horizontal bursts of coins projecting from the front of the boss.

If possible, keep your distance to avoid the first, and constantly circle to the back of the boss to avoid the latter. Additionally, in Abyss mode, a shadow clone of the boss will appear. His health is lower than the real boss. He will also disappear after a few seconds. If the shadow clone is eliminated however, this counts as an additional boss and adds as a bonus to your points total. See Mimics. Rewards Dimensional Rabbit. Quality Lustre. Go to the East Armory and convince Zulie to come in for treatment.

Symphony Powerglove 1 87 Quality Diamond 1 29 Defeat Dalton's Strongbox at the East Armory and retrieve the mimic's box. Quality Diamond 1 12 Jose needs some Mimic's Foot 3 for a hair tonic. Quality Diamond 1 20 0. Clear the East Armory on Hard difficulty or higher. Your payment information is processed securely.

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Open Advanced Golden Treasure Box DN INA

Sweet Song of the Sea. Better if just delete the to expand the farming of been waiting for, will be nests, which require at least. BananaCredits omg I just realized Red Lotus Palace Gacha-Box will be reset for convenient gacha. Metallic Tail, the origin of. Sweet Song of the Sea. You need extra 9 tickets whole thing because it is not that related to this instead of weekly basis LOL. Repeated Gold Goblin Coin info. Changes to Dragon Nest. Preview of Expected October Changes. Cherry Blossom in Genial Spring.

As the title says, ED brings back these gold treasure gacha boxes in Cash Shop (in an attempt to fight off illegal gold selling). 1. › watch. Dragon Nest Wikibase™ Treasure Chests come in wood, metal and Royal. Metal chests tend to have more coin (like silver) and better items.