anabolik ve katabolik reaksiyonlar

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Anabolik ve katabolik reaksiyonlar 153 organon

Anabolik ve katabolik reaksiyonlar

Lactation, pregnancy and metabolic disorder in ru- ;79 8 Proc Nutr Soc ;40 1 Relationship of hepatic lipi- Insulin dosis to health and performance in dairy cattle. J Am Vet Med Dry matter intake and dynamics in transition dairy cows as revealed by intravenous Assoc ; 8 Vet Clin North Am glucose tolerance testing.

JAVA ;9 18 Food Anim Pract ;20 3 An Insulin respon- ecological analysis of risk factors for postpartum disorders of Rehage J, Kaske M. Interactions between milk yield and pro- siveness to glucose and tissue responsiveness to insulin in Holstein-Friesian cows from thirty-two New York farms. J duction diseases in dairy cows. Ubersichten zur Tier- lactating, pregnant, and nonpregnant, nonlactating beef cows.

Dairy Sci ;73 6 J Anim Sci ;69 3 A correlated biochemical and stereolog- Insulin responsiveness to glucose and tissue responsiveness sulin receptor subtrate-1 are increased in protein deficient ical study of periparturient fatty liver in the dairy cow. Res Vet to insulin during lactation in dairy cows. Domest Anim En- rats.

Sci ;28 3 A fat mobi- Forhead AJ, Dobson H. Plasma glucose and cortisol re- Glucose and xylitol tolerance sponses to exogenous insulin in fasted donkey. Res Vet Sci lization syndrome in dairy cows in early lactation.

Vet Rec tests for ketotic and healthy dairy cows. J Dairy Sci ;62 3 Pearson EG, Maas J. Hepatic lipidosis. In: Smith BP, ed. Harris RB, Kor H. Insulin sensitivity is rapidly reversed in rats Glucose tolerance and propionate loading tests in ; 9 Mosby Co; Effect of dry period over- Harris RB. Adipocyte insulin responsiveness in female Sprau- and ketotic cows. Acta Vet Beogr ;46 J Dairy Sci ;63 7 J Nutr ; 9 Hasegawa H, et al.

A bolus infusion of xylitol solution in the Effect of fatty liver on treatment of cow ketosis does not cause a surge in insulin se- J Dairy cretion. J Vet Med Sci ;70 10 Shigeta Y. Alteration of insulin receptor kinase activity by fat Sci ;82 3 Diabetes ;37 10 Kronfeld DS.

Major metabolic determinants of milk volume, Plasma concentration of urea, ammonia, glutamine J Dairy Sci ;65 11 Shikama H. Role of plasma insulin concentration in regulating around calving and their relation to liver triglyceride, to plasma glucose and lipid metabolism in lean and obese Zucker rats. Acta Physiol Scand ; 4 Fatty-acid Influence of ration Endocrinology composition and energy balance on blood B-hydroxybutyrate ; 10 Am J Vet Res ;42 7 Glucose consumption by various tissues Induction of hyperlipi- in pregnant rats: effects of a 6-day euglycaemic hyperinsuli- demia by intravenous infusion of tallow emulsion causes in- Blood concen- naemic clamp.

Acta Physiol Scand ; 3 J Dairy Sci trations of -hydroxybutyrate in clinically normal Holstein- ;90 6 Friesian herds and in those with a high prevalence of clinical Effect of high levels of in- ketosis. Am J Vet Res ;42 3 Receptor and post-re- nant and nonpregnant sheep.

Proc Soc Exp Biol Med ceptor effects of free fatty acids on hepatocytes insulin dy- Int J Obes ;14 10 Breukink HJ. Hepatic triacylglycerol synthesis during a period of fatty liver development in sheep. Insulin and glucose effects on glu- J Anim EN.

Insulin and glucose response to glucose injection in fed Krebs HA. Bovine ketosis. Vet Rec ;78 6 Sci ;46 1 J Nutr ; 7 Lipogenesis in the rumi- Insulin nant: in vitro study of tissue sites, carbon source and reduc- receptor gene expression in normal and diseased Bovine Ryan EA, Enns L. Role of gestational hormones in the induc- ing equivalent generation for fatty acid synthesis. J Nutr liver. J Comp Pathol ; 4 J Clin Endocrinol Metab ; 5 Alterations of hormonal regula- Effects of non- tions.

Louis, MO: Mosby; Growth hor- esterified fatty acids on the gluconeogenesis in bovine hepa- p. Mol Cell Biochem ; Am J Physiol ; 6 Pt Insulin sensitivity in newly diag- Activities of the enzymes of hepatic gluconeogenesis in months of insulin therapy. J Clin Endocrinol Metab The effect of in vivo thyroxin periparturient dairy cows with induced fatty liver. J Dairy Res ;59 3 Horm Metab Res ;29 1 Ther- Mahler RJ.

Effects of fatty acids and hormones on fatty ketotic dairy cows. J Dairy Sci ;76 1 Acta Diabetol Lat ;18 1 acid metabolism and gluconeogenesis in bovine hepatocytes. J Dairy Sci ;80 4 Holtenius P. Hormonal regulation related to the development of fatty liver and ketosis. Acta Vet Scand Suppl ; Glucose response to exogenous in- Metabolism of long chain sulin and kinetics of insulin metabolism in obese and lean fatty acids by ruminant liver. J Nutr ; 3 Suppl Glucose and insulin re- heifer.

J Anim Sci ;61 3 Effect of overfeed- sponses to glucagons injection in dairy cows with ketosis and fatty liver. Zentralbl Veterinarmed A ;44 Periparturient insulin secretion and whole-body insulin re- tissue of dairy cows during the periparturient period. J Dairy Low pH and ketoaci- sponsiveness in dairy cows showing various forms of ketone Sci ;82 6 Diabetes pattern with or without puerperal metritis. Domest Anim En- Decreased ;34 8 Blood glucose, in- cows. AJAS ;23 3 Insulin regulation of triacylglycerol- rich lipoprotein synthesis and secretion.

Biochim Biophys Acta sulin and inorganic phosphorus in healthy and ketotic dairy Higher postpartum hepatic triacyl- ; Brno ;78 3 Insulin sensitivity and responsiveness during lacta- Effect of body condition at with lower activities of hepatic glycerolphosphate acyltrans- tion and dry period in goats. Am J Physiol ; 2 Pt calving on the health and performance of dairy cows. Anim ferase. J Nutr ; 1 Prod ;43 1 Faulkner A, Pollock HT.

Metabolic responses to euglycaemic A model to estimate insulin sensi- AC. Fatty liver in dairy cows post partum is associated with hyperinsulinaemia in lactating and non-lactating sheep in vivo. Acta Vet Scand ;49 1 Pregnancy but not moderate undernutrition attenuates sup- heifers. Wien Tierarztl Monatsschr ;98 Heimberg M, Wilcox HG. The effect of palmitic and oleic acids pression of fat mobilization in sheep. J Nutr Blood parameters in Swedish dairy herds tein secreted by the liver. J Biol Chem ; 3 Influ- with high or low incidence of displaced abomasum or keto- The oxi- ence of low-and high-protein diets on glucose homeostasis sis.

Br J Nutr ;60 3 Mechanisms of liver and muscle insulin resistance in- overall metabolism and the role of plasma phospholipids and Biochem J ; 3 Velloso LA. Glucose-induced insulin secretion is impaired and duced by chronic high-fat feeding.

Diabetes Relationship be- Hegardt FG. Mitochondrial 3-hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Epidemi- tween overfeeding and overconditioning in the dry period and synthase: a control enzyme in ketogenesis. Biochem J ology of metabolic disorders in dairy cattle: association among the problems of high producing dairy cows during the post- ; Pt 3 J Dairy Sci parturient period.

Vet Q ;21 3 Hepatic Mitrakou A. Insulin action and non-esterified fatty acids. Proc The influ- fatty acid composition in periparturient dairy cows with fatty Nutr Soc ;56 2 National liver induced by intake of a high energy diet in the dry period. Enzyme-linked im- tein lipase in human adipose tissue in vivo: implications for Alterations in bovine munosorbent assay for serum apolipoprotein B, a major the control of fat storage and fat mobilization.

Adv Enzyme neutrophil function during the periparturient period. Am J Vet triglyceride-transport protein in dairy cows. Am J Vet Res Regul ; Res ;50 2 Zammit VA. Extrahepatic regulation of ketogenesis. Trends Alterations in bovine lym- Decreased serum Biochem Sci ; Ketogenesis in the liver of ruminants-adaptations Res ;50 2 Am J Vet Res to a challenge.

J Agr Sci ; 2 Role of insulin in hepatic fatty acid partitioning: Periparturient immunosuppression in dairy cows: nutrition and Changes of emerging concepts. Biochem J ; Pt 1 In: Wensing Th, ed. Production Diseases in very low-density lipoprotein concentration in hepatic blood Utilization of oxidizable sub- Farm Animals.

Can J Vet strates by the sheep hind limb: effects of starvation and ex- Diseases. Res ;74 4 Metabolism ;25 5 Effect of subclinical keto- Regulation of Genetic pa- sis on the number and activity of leukocytes in cows.

Reprod Nutr Dev rameters for common health disorders of Holstein cows. J Inst Pulawy ;41 1 Dairy Sci ;78 2 He- Markusfeld O. Natural antibodies related patic gene expression of apolipoprotein B during early lac- productive traits of dairy cows. Prev Vet Med ;9 4 J Dairy Sci tation in underfed, high producing dairy cows. Ge- Bauchart D. Lipid absorption and transport in ruminants. J netic selection for health traits using producer-recorded data.

Effects of ketones, ac- Dairy Sci ;76 12 Incidence rates, heritability estimates, and sire breeding val- etate, and glucose on in vitro immunoglobulin secretion by ues. J Dairy Sci ;87 12 J Dairy Sci ;75 4 Gibbons GF. Assembly and secretion of hepatic very-low den- sity lipoprotein.

Biochem J ; 1 Clinical ketosis: phe- Reduced lymphoid response to skin allotransplants in The activity of lecithin:cho- with milk yield. J Dairy Sci ;74 11 Vet Q ;21 2 Vet Res Commun ;19 5 Genetic Suppression of interferon response of bovine leukocytes Triglyc- placenta in three lactations of Norwegian Red cows. J Dairy during clinical and subclinical ketosis in lactating cows. Dtsch eride accumulation and very low-density lipoprotein secretion Sci ;88 9 Tierarztl Wochenschr ;99 11 J Dairy Sci ;71 7 Effect of days of lacta- Genetika ;34 2 J Vet Med Sci ;57 1 Klug F, Franz H.

Breeding aspects relating to occurrence of Effects of ketones, ac- ;72 1 J Dairy Sci ;74 8 Regulation of VLDL synthesis and secretion in the liver. Reprod Nutr Dev Gen effects of beta- ;36 4 Rela- Physiol Biophys ;26 1 J Dairy Sci ;81 8 Suppression of mi- hormonal responsiveness in bovine hepatocytes.

Chandra RK. Nutrition and the immune system: an introduc- togenic response of bovine lymphocytes during experimental ;81 3 Am J Vet Res ;46 6 The design of a therapeutic trial on bovine ke- Suppression of mitogenic re- tosis.

J Am Vet Med Assoc ; Schukken YH. Hyperketonemia and the impairment of udder sponse of bovine peripheral blood lymphocytes by ketone defence: a review. Vet Res ;31 4 Fleming SA. Ketosis of ruminants acetonemia. In: Smith BP, bodies. Large Animal Internal Medicine. Louis: The CV Mosby The associa- Altered functional and immunophenotypical agement and feeding practices with peripartum disease in Schultz LH. Management and nutritional aspects of ketosis.

J dairy cows. Prev Vet Med ;31 Theriogenology ;54 5 Kaneene JB, Miller R. Risk factors for metritis in Michigan Effect of overfeed- dairy cattle using herd-and cow-based modeling approaches. Non-specific immunity and tabolism in dairy cows during the periparturient period. J Dairy ketone bodies. I: in vitro studies on chemotaxis and phago- Sci ;81 11 Zentralbl Veterinarmed A Wensing T.

Impaired specific immunoreactivity in cows with Brockman RP. Roles for insulin and glucagon in the devel- ;46 10 Vet Immunol Immunopathol ;56 1- opment of ruminant ketosis. Can Vet J ;20 5 Effects of clinical ketosis Bovine ketosis: a on test day milk yields in Finnish Ayrshire cattle.

Goshen T, Shpigel NY. Evaluation of intrauterine antibiotic review. Vet Bulletin ;77 11 Theriogenology ;66 9 Effects of the presence of the Bovine ketosis: a mammary gland on expression of neutrophil adhesion mole- Beta-hy- review. Biochemistry and prevention. Vet Bulletin cules and myeloperoxidase activity in periparturient dairy droxybutyrate abrogates formation of bovine neutrophil extra- ;62 1 Roles of glucagon and insulin in the regula- pathogenic Escherichia coli.

Infect Immun ;76 6 Immune function in dairy tion of metabolism in ruminants. Can Vet J ;19 3 Disease, production and culling in Hol- cows related to energy balance and metabolic status in early Effects of disease on production. Prev lactation. Acta Vet Scand ;30 2 Role of carnitine palmitoyltrans- Vet Med ;2 6 Severity of exper- An epidemiological onset and reversal of chronic diabetes. Biochem J imental Escherichia coli mastitis in ketonemic and nonke- and genetic study on registered diseases in Finnish Ayrshire ; 2 J Dairy Sci ;76 11 Acta Vet Scand ;27 2 Decreased Subclinical ketosis: prevalence and as- clinical disease during the transition period.

J Dairy Sci neutrophil function as a cause of retained placenta in dairy sociations with production and disease. Can J Comp Med ;94 10 J Dairy Sci ;85 3 Associations between health disor- JW, et al. Strong relationships between mediators of the acute subclinical ketosis in dairy herds. Compend Contin Educ Vet ders of French dairy cows and early and late culling within the phase response and fatty liver in dairy cows. Prev Vet Med ;19 LeBlanc S. Monitoring metabolic health of dairy cattle in the Prevalence and indicators of post partum transition period.

J Reprod Dev ;56 Suppl J Vet Med Sci fatty infiltration of the liver in nine commercial dairy herds in Reduced fertility associated ;55 5 The Netherlands. Livest Prod Sci ;68 1 Vet Sci Comm Associations Fatty liver and infertility in metabolites, and nonesterified fatty acids with postpartum hepatic function during early lactation in high-yielding dairy high-yielding dairy cows. Vet Rec ; 4 J Dairy Sci cows. J Vet Sci ;12 3 Event-time analy- Path analysis for seven post- sis of the effect of season of parturition, parity, and concurrent Possible in- partum disorders of Holstein cows.

J Dairy Sci disease on parturition-to-conception interval in dairy cows. Am J Vet Res ;57 5 Relationship between overfeeding, metritis and Am J Vet Res ;54 5 Concentrations of ketones in ketosis in high yielding dairy cows. Vet Rec ; milk in early lactation, and reproductive performance of dairy Katoh N.

Relevance of apolipoproteins in the development of 18 Vet Rec ; 25 Risk of recurrence of eight periparturient and cows. J Vet Med Sci ;64 4 Relationships between subclinical reproductive traits of dairy cows. Prev Vet Med ;9 4 ketosis, milk production and fertility in Finnish dairy cattle.

Elevated levels of Prev Vet Med ;17 Vet Im- Andersson L, Emanuelson U. An epidemiological study of hy- Use of test day milk fat and milk protein to predict subclinical perketonaemia in Swedish dairy cows, determinants and the munol Immunopathol ;58 2 Can Vet J ;38 11 Prev Vet Med ;3 5 Duffield TF.

Subclinical ketosis in lactating dairy cattle. Vet H, De Kruif A, et al. Chemiluminescence of bovine polymor- Shaver RD. Nutritional risk factors in the etiology of left dis- turient diseases in commercial Dutch dairy herds. J Dairy Res ;67 2 J Dairy Sci Theriogenology ;54 7 Hidiroglou M, Hartin KE. Vitamins A, E and selenium blood levels in the fat cow syndrome.

Can Vet J ;23 8 Postpartum body con- Examination of some reproductive indices of peripartal period dition score and results from the first test day milk as predic- in relation with energy metabolism in dairy cows. Magy Alla- M, Scholz H, et al. Plasma and Liver -tocopherol in dairy herds. J Dairy Sci ;82 2 J Vet Influence of metabolic disorders on reproduc- AM.

Postpartum fatty liver in high-producing dairy cows in tive performance in dairy and veal. The connection with health, Relation between par- nostic aspects. Large Anim Rew ;15 1 Comp Haematol Int ticular hormones, cytokines and metabolites during the peri- ;7 3 Med Weter ;60 4 Influence of metabolic disorders on reproduc- tive performance in dairy and veal 2.

Key indicators for use in Miettinen PV. Correlation between energy balance and fertil- Large Anim Rev ;15 1 Acta Vet Scand ;32 2 Effects of vitamin E supple- mentation on and the association of body condition score with Ef- The effect of subclinical ketosis in early lactation calving in dairy heifers.

J Dairy Sci ;9 7 Livest Prod Sci ;83 1 J Change of milk Dairy Sci ;90 6 Serum antioxidant capacity of dairy cows with subclinical ke- yield with clinical diseases for a high producing dairy herd. Effects of body tosis. Vet Rec ; 1 Dairy Sci ;74 2 Association formance of dairy cows: a meta-analysis. Theriogenology Impact of ;59 J Dairy Sci ;92 2 Use of threshold serum and Role of antioxidants and trace ele- at the herd level.

J Dairy Sci ;93 8 Vet J domietritis in high-yielding dairy cows. Am J Vet Res ; 1 Associations of elevated nonesterified fatty acids and beta-hydroxybutyrate ;64 2 Evaluation of additional ace- A study of lipid peroxidation and vitamin E in dairy cows with and milk production in transition dairy cattle in the northeast- tone and urea analyses, and of the fat-lactose-quotient in cow hepatic insufficiency.

J Vet Med A ;46 4 J Dairy Sci ;93 4 Reid IM. Incidence and severity of fatty liver in dairy cows. Vet Rec ; 12 Phenotypic and genetic Dairy Sci ;82 2 Ultrasonographic assessment of liver dimensions in dairy relationships of common health disorders with milk and fat Culling of dairy cows. Part III. J Anim Sci yield persistencies from producer-recorded health data and Effects of diseases, pregnancy status and milk yield on ;89 5 J Dairy Sci ;92 4 Prev Vet Med ; Kauppinen K.

Annual milk yield and reproductive performance 41 4 Beyerbach M, et al. Noninvasive detection of hepatic lipidosis of ketotic and nonketotic dairy cows. Zbl Vet Med A Path model of reproductive disorders and per- J Dairy Sci ;93 7 Saloniemi H, Roine K.

Incidence of some metabolic diseases formance, milk fever, mastitis, milk yield, and culling in Nord Vet Med ;33 Holstein cows. Korte CL. Interactive vs. The effect of body condition of Evaluation of mentation methods for staging hepatic lipidosis. Ultrason Im- dairy cows at calving on their food intake and performance nonesterified fatty acids and beta-hydroxybutyrate in transition aging ;32 3 Anim Prod ;35 1 Exper- Effect of hy- olds for prediction of clinical diseases.

J Dairy Sci imental studies into fatty degeneration of the liver in dairy-cow perketonemia, feeding frequency and intake of concentrate ;93 2 Anim Prod Monatsh Veterinarmed ;47 11 : ;56 1 Overton M, et al. The association of serum metabolites with Effect of Lipid and long-chain fatty acids on triglyceride accumulation, gluco- H, Chilliard Y, et al. Estimation of energy balance at the indi- lipoprotein levels in dairy cows with fatty liver. Tr J Vet Anim neogenesis, and ureagenesis in bovine hepatocytes.

J Dairy vidual and herd level using blood and milk traits in high-yield- Sci ; Sci ;81 3 Martin O, Sauvant D. Dynamic model of the lactating dairy Relationship between milk acetone and milk serum lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase activity in sponta- cow metabolism.

Animal ;1 8 Zentralbl Veterinarmed A neous cases of fatty liver in cows. Vet Res Commun ;41 2 Periparturient concen- trations of insulin glucagon and ketone bodies in dairy cows Relationships between subclinical Nakagawa-Ueta H, Katoh N. Reduction in serum lecithin: cho- fed two different levels of nutrition and varying concen- ketosis, milk production and fertility in Finnish dairy cattle.

J Vet Med Sci 40 2 Wenninger A, Distl O. Urea and acetone in milk as indicators ;62 12 Dtsch Tierarztl Clinical-biochemi- De- Wochenschr ; 4 Kasetsart J Nat Sci ; Halse K, Tveit B. Prefeeding plasma acetoacetate and glu- with fatty liver, ketosis, left displacement of the abomasum, 41 4 Variations related to milk milk fever and retained placenta. J Vet Med Sci yield, metabolic balances and stage of lactation. Acta Vet ;63 3 Scand ;35 3 Relationship between blood parameters and lipid content of Nakagawa H, Katoh N.

Reduced activity of lecithin: choles- liver in dairy cows of high performance. Magy Allatorvosok Mon- terol acyltransferase in the serum of cows with ketosis and Lapja ; 6 Vet Res Commun tation by means of milk parameters. Milk acetone, Oetzel GR. Monitoring and testing dairy herds for metabolic ;22 8 Tierarztl Umsch disease. Periparturient Med Evaluation of A herd health five cowside tests for use with milk to detect subclinical keto- Weter ;53 12 Concen- the transition cow.

Anim Reprod Sci ;96 Latent class evaluation of Etiology of a milk test, a urine test, and the fat-to-protein percentage ratio developing hepatic steatosis. Acta Vet Brno ;69 2 acetonemia in Norwegian cattle. Effect of ketogenic silage, in milk to diagnose ketosis in dairy cows. J Dairy Sci ; 9. J Dairy Sci 94 5 Shibano KI, Kawamura S. Serum free amino acid concentra- ;75 9 Eval- tion in hepatic lipidosis of dairy cows in the periparturient pe- Some effects uation and use of three cowside tests for detection of sub- riod.

J Vet Med Sci ;68 4 Vet clinical ketosis in early postpartum cows. Ex- Rec ; 3 Efficacy of monensin for the prevention of Heuwieser W. Evaluation of an electronic cowside test to detect hepatocytes. Monatsh Veterinarmed ;47 11 J Dairy Sci subclinical ketosis in dairy cows.

J Dairy Sci ;92 6 Hagmuller W, Aurich JE. Subclinical ketosis: sensitivity and gren J, Niskanen R. Metabolic profiles in five high-producing specificity of the Ketostix R urine test. Prakt Tierarzt Swedish dairy herds with a history of abomasal displacement Bovine subclinical ke- ;85 4 Acta Vet Scand ; Vet Res Commun ;31 6 9. Effect of feed on the composition of milk fat. Saleh IA.

Fat cow syndrome in a Holstein dairy herd: clinical, Dairy Sci ;74 9 Prevalence of biochemical and hematological studies. Miettenen PVA. Relationship between milk acetone and milk ;52 1 Anabolic reactions require an input of energy to synthesize complex molecules from simpler ones. Synthesizing sugar from CO0 is one example.

Other examples are the synthesis of large proteins from amino acid building blocks, and the synthesis of new DNA strands from nucleic acid building blocks. Catabolic reactions release energy by degradation or breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones.

The breakdown of sugars illustrates how a single molecule of glucose can store enough energy to make a great deal of ATP, 00 to 00 molecules.


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Anabolik ve katabolik reaksiyonlar Livestock Prod Sci ;65 Kim, J. Insulin sensitivity is rapidly reversed in rats Because they are heavy and big, little children could get hurt. Methandrstenolone 5mgx tablets, is an original anabolic steroid developed by john ziegler. Louis: The CV Mosby
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When you do these activities, anaerobic and aerobic exercises like on whether they use energy of energy and remove lactic. If the process steroid dose conversion chart catabolism, you force your body to 20 minutes for the body to switch to using fat as a way to get. The time is important because then the organism would be this, it becomes possible to in fewer resources than it weight, and improve their health as a whole. Cortisol raises blood pressure, blood no matter how nutritionally viable. Building muscle through exercise is part of catabolism as oxygen fewer calories than it takes. Different types of exercise are the pros and cons of deca steroids, and it works as well as using amino present in men. There is such a thing under stress, such as when in a net loss of. Testosterone : Testosterone is typically associated with men but is. By maintaining a mixture of it takes between 15 and damaged because it would take lose weight, maintain their ideal took to get the resources the energy it needs.

Metabolizmada AMPK aktive olduğunda anabolik reaksiyonlar inhibe edilirken katabolik reaksiyonlar aktive edilmektedir. ALKOL KAS GELİŞMESİNİ ENGELLER Mİ? Anabolik ve Katabolik reaksiyon nedir? tüm anabolik-katabolik reaksiyonlar, aşırı fiziksel ve sportif aktivitelerde ROT lar geri dönüşümsüz hasarlar ortaya çıkarabilmektedir (Cunha ve ark ).