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Deer velvet steroids how long before a steroid inhaler works

Deer velvet steroids

ESPN ticker reports are now alleging that the Alabama football team may have used the spray as well. Whether deer antler is banned in sport and whether its use would be considered a doping violation comes down to whether it is ingested or absorbed and whether it has been certified to be free of potential contaminants like methyltestosterone.

No, deer antler is not listed as a banned substance today in any sport. It is true that deer antler naturally contains IGF-1, a substance banned in sport. However, so do animal food products like red meat, eggs or milk and other common dietary supplement ingredients like colostrum.

Many food products contain IGF-1 or other growth factors that are banned in sport yet consuming them does not constitute or lead to doping violations. Therefore WADA does not recommend the ingestion of this product. In our opinion, the answer comes down to the form used. Therefore, ingestible deer antler products should be acceptable for athletes to use under current rules.

Conversely, using a spray form of deer antler concentrated to contain certain amounts of IGF-1 that is delivered through liposomal absorption would likely constitute a doping violation, because if the product works as claimed the banned substance IGF-1 would be absorbed by the body.

This is not to say that the anti-doping community can not detect it as there are numerous publications that demonstrate the ability to do so. IGF-1 is used as an important marker in the Sonksen test for human growth hormone that has been slowly gaining traction in the WADA community. That said, we are not aware of a complete detection method for IGF-1 in use in sport drug testing today that can unequivocally determine if exogenous, or foreign, IGF-1 has entered the body.

So, if the deer antler sprays work as intended and IGF-1 is actually absorbed by the body, that may be a violation of drug testing policies but we do not believe it would result in a positive drug test in the current system. Unfortunately, IGF-1 in general remains a major challenge for anti-doping authorities and is a huge potential loophole in the current doping control system.

Is there a way for athletes to protect themselves against the potential for methyltestosterone or other contamination to occur in deer antler products? As with all dietary supplements, we would recommend that athletes only use batches or lots of products that have been certified by a reputable independent testing body to be free of banned substances. It is our view that if you are an athlete using a spray form of deer antler be aware that you are likely in violation of drug-testing rules even though the IGF-1 at issue may not be detectable currently.

If you want to use deer antler without violating drug-testing policies, you should be careful to use only an ingestible product that has been tested for potential contaminants like methyltestosterone. This is a perfect example of the extremely complex issues we all face when considering the connections between dietary supplements and banned substances in sport.

Because insulin is present in the body naturally, it would be very difficult to differentiate between natural and synthesized insulin. The deer-antler spray being sold by S. Sports with Alternatives to Steroids , and Lewis allegedly used a product harvested from the antlers of New Zealand deer. Studies have shown that the IGF-1 produced in the fast-growing antlers of deer is not able to be effectively used by the human body. In addition, IGF-1 is very unstable, requiring careful handling and refrigeration, something that a product from S.

Further, studies also indicate that taking IGF-1, human or otherwise, is not effective. IGF-1 supplementation normally requires injection. The S. It had deionized water, hologram stickers that were discussed in the SI article and, most disturbingly, a "concussion cap. The deer-antler spray sold by S. It's normal for a company to contract out the manufacture of this kind of supplement, so there are plenty of other sources still available.

Worryingly, this type of procedure can lead to contamination, where other substances can be added, knowingly or unknowingly. The SI article details how the deer-antler spray from S. A lawsuit resulted in a multimillion-dollar judgment against the owners of S.

They stayed in business by using a new shell company. The question remains why any athlete, let alone one with the reputation and resources of a Ray Lewis, would use a substance with such a dubious pedigree. Plus, by looking for the edge that competitors don't have, they necessarily end up on the fringes, as opposed to in the mainstream with products that have evidence behind them.

The more competitive the athlete, the more likely they are to try things that no one knows much about. Lewis is alleged to have taken a substance of dubious efficacy from an even more dubious source.

In animal tests, deer antler has been shown to increase oxygen uptake in the brain, liver and kidneys, and increase red and white b lood cell production.

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The majority of the development factors in deer prong velvet are housed in the tusk tips as they are in their development stage, preceding solidifying. While IGF-1 can be ingested in food, it should go through the stomach acids prior to being used by the body. This excursion through the stomach-related framework restricts the retention of development factors. Our deer prong velvet concentrates cure this issue by bypassing the stomach-related framework.

Our one-of-a-kind extraction measure saves the full development calculate grid its normally happening state. The concentrated concentrate proportion supplies a bounty of development factors that are ingested straightforwardly into the circulation system through the sublingual organization. The predictable utilization of deer horn velvet concentrate helps the degree of IGF-1 and other development factors in the body, wellbeing, and viably.

Opens in a new browser tab. That you need to know about Pheraplex. What are Candida Die Off Symptoms? What You Need To Know? Humans, horses, cats and dogs all may develop medical disorders, including arthritis, immune deficiencies, tumors, etc. One of the best supplements animals can take is deer velvet antler, a natural, safe, legal, steroid alternative that offers many benefits without the harmful side effects of many over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Unique in that it grows each spring, the velvet is cast in late winter and replaced the following spring by the same natural process. So not only is it a powerful and unique product, deer velvet antler can also be considered a renewable resource. It can be harvested annually with no harm to the animal. Deer velvet antler is much more than an all-natural alternative to standard animal joint and arthritis pain relievers. It contains bone growth proteins, anti-inflammatory compounds, and other nutrients that boost energy levels, rebuild weakened joint cartilage, and strengthen teeth and bones.

Some of the naturally occurring properties are all the essential amino acids, minerals including selenium, chondroitin and collagen. The resulting benefit is a healthier, more active horse, dog or cat. To learn more and receive a free ebook copy of Velvet Antler, visit www. Deer velvet antler can provide an exciting and natural alternative to conventional drugs and offer health benefits for many ailments you or your pet might be experiencing.

So leave a little note next to your plate of cookies for Santa and carrots for Rudolph I have personal used this product with amazing results. I started using it for an injury that lingered way to long and saw immediate improvement. The other things I noticed over time was improved strength, mental clarity and motivation. I have not used it on my horse but based on what it did for me I'm sure it would work.