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Some, like Chris Masters, had admitted to using steroids, while others have never admitted to it, but have been caught out by the press like Randy Orton. When you look at the 20 wrestlers who have been caught, it is not hard to imagine John Cena being one of them. This does not mean he certainly does take steroids, but it is important to understand that professional wrestling, just like professional bodybuilding has a culture of steroid abuse. Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones that are medically used to prevent muscle wastage in people suffering from diseases such as Aids.

They are also given by doctors to men who have very low testosterone levels, either through illness, or genetics. Anabolic steroids are used by athletes, actors, and bodybuilders for a number of reasons, and John Cena represents all three careers! There are steroids that you can use to build strength and increase muscle size known as hypertrophy. If you are looking to get as big as possible then these are the steroids that you would take.

Then there are steroids that you would use to improve your performance as an athlete. You can use them to increase strength, power, and general athleticism. Wrestlers would use this to help them become more powerful so that they could jump higher, throw each other around more, and generally compete at a higher intensity.

An example of a performance-enhancing steroid would be Winstrol. The final type of steroid is one that you would use to burn fat , bodybuilders use them when cutting. Wrestlers could use them to make weight if they had got too bulky. The most well-known steroid for cutting is Clenbuterol, and it is usually taken alongside testosterone. The most obvious sign that someone is taking steroids is a large increase in muscle mass over a relatively short time.

When Cena doubled his body weight as a teenager, that could potentially be due to taking steroids, although it could also be due to hitting puberty. Being able to train days per week, alongside a hectic schedule without suffering from overtraining is another example of someone who is benefiting from steroid use.

Very large traps are another sign that someone could be on steroids, as is a rugged jaw. However, these signs are not too reliable because someone with naturally high testosterone could also have them. If someone is taking other drugs such as HGH or insulin this can lead to a bloated gut. Sure, they could all be taking steroids, but this seems unlikely. Cena has always been training, he played Football, took part in bodybuilding, has been a professional wrestler for 18 years, and has also trained for action movie roles.

His whole life has been based around nutrition and exercise , anyone who spends that amount of time in the gym will have a killer body to show off at the end. Since Cena has had access to some of the greatest coaches in the world. He has the resources to get a professional dietician creating his meals if he decides to , has wrestling coaches, and bodybuilding coaches too.

Doubling your body weight in just a few years is not common. As Chris Masters said, to get big enough to be considered for wrestling, he felt that he had to take steroids because the competition was so strong. An obvious reason why it could be claimed that Cena is on steroids is his physique. He is huge, has large well-developed muscles and very low body fat almost all year round. His pectorals, arms, traps, and shoulders are bigger than most competitive natural bodybuilders could manage.

This is a difficult one, on the one hand, John Cena is from a family with lots of similarly built brothers. He has also dedicated his life to training and has access to all of the equipment, coaching, dietician, and supplements that he could ever need. On the other hand, he has the physique of someone on steroids. John Cena is a truly great man, he has had a fantastic career, does a lot for charity, and seems a really likeable person. Accusing someone of taking steroids is basically the same as accusing him of being a liar and a cheat.

But if he is lying, it is only because he has to. What option does he have? Also, apologies to any wrestling fans but it is not a real sport. Yes, it is a very physical endeavour, and it takes as much dedication and hard work like any other sport. But the results of wrestling are pre-determined.

Any sport where David Arquette can win your most prestigious title is not going to be that competitive [ 5 ]. This is not to disparage wrestling, but it is a performance akin to acting. That means that taking performance enhancers is not cheating any of your competitors, but rather it is enhancing the performance. Compare that to sprinting, where someone taking steroids is gaining an unfair advantage over the rest of the field. Whether John Cena takes steroids or not, it will not affect how good a wrestler he has been, or how kind and generous a person he is.

In order to gain muscle and strength without the use of steroids, you will need to take some advice from John Cena's training and nutrition. Building muscle and strength is more complicated than simply training intensely and eating loads, but this would be a good place to start. Another tip would be to look at supplementation.

While they are not as effective as steroids there are legal alternatives available that can offer numerous benefits. Crazy Bulk offers a number of supplements that are both safe and legal to use , that offer various benefits. One of their more popular muscle builders is a product called D-Bal , which is an alternative to the banned steroid Dianabol.

This will lead to an increase in protein synthesis. If there are any doubts in your mind about regarding the effectiveness of D-Bal, you only need to visit the Crazy Bulk website. He has always been a pretty big guy especially compared to brother Rick, but as the pictures will show, he has put on considerable muscle weight during his time in wrestling. Maybe it's because we know him quite differently and yet even in his formative years, Morrison was a strong and athletic guy.

During his rise up the WWE ladder, he gained considerable muscle and definition. However, unless he makes a return to the WWE, some might accuse him of being today's Marty Jannetty, especially if The Miz is able to recapture the top prize. Perhaps the biggest transformation in wrestling in terms of size to trim comes in the way of Matt Morgan. Noticeably large in this picture, his ability to lose the weight, gain definition and strength has allowed him to capture a number of titles in wrestling and potentially another shot at the WWE.

It remains an issue for wrestling fans whether he will return but with a lawsuit in place, Morgan, like Ric Flair, may very well wait until the annual surprise fest that is the Royal Rumble before making his return. The path to the wrestling body is not an easy one. For all those who have been to gyms and endured hours of work on those machines that are reminiscent of torture devices, you will know what goes into your physical well-being.

For some in wrestling, they have taken short cuts. Hormones and steroids, when combined, give an illusion of health and physique, and yet as has been sadly shown, many have paid the ultimate price in recent years. For some, however, nature does allow physical health and a good sense of definition, muscle and tone.

Those that have not fallen foul of the laws of drug use should be deemed heroes of their profession and celebrated with titles, accolades and contracts. Drugs kill; there is no doubt. There is no short cut and those that do have paid the price. Steroids, when used excessively, cause the body to break down and pressure is placed on the heart and other organs. Those that see these drugs as mere stepping stones are kidding themselves that they are somehow healthy.

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Yes John Cena takes steroids. % with no qualifying statements. He has been taking them for a long time, he used to be a competitive bodybuilder. › Opinion › John Cena Steroids – Is He Natural or Natty? John Cena Steroids – Is He Natural or Natty? · Testosterone Propionatemg every 2 days · Trenbolone (without ester) – mg daily · Cardarine (SARMs) – 20mg per.