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Reddit steroids shortness of breath biggest bodybuilders on steroids

Reddit steroids shortness of breath


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I can to move fast like my old self It's worrisome since it seems that can't be good for the heart and lungs? Not sure if this will improve as the prednisone is reduced? My Doc said a low dose of zanex may help with this side effects until the prednisone is reduced enough. Still figuring it out. Not running up the stairs is also part of the management of PMR - pacing and resting appropriately.

But wait, there's more Stress echo test a disaster though I decided finding something was success. End result a coronary stent for a thoroughly blocked artery. Just lucky I guess. Just the slightest weight gain of a few pounds can make breathing hard as any fat goes on gut as mentioned. I am slim, average weight. Can you or anyone offer any other suggestions as to how I can best improve my breathing other than the breathing exercises, I do plus mild exercise.

Posted 4 years ago. Had a relapse after being all the way down to 15 mg and had to go back up to 60 mg. I'm now down to 30 mg, but very short of breath. I haven't reported it to my doctor yet but will next week. How are the rest of you doing? It generally takes more effort before I'm out of breath. A bit of exercise induced chest stiffness. If you are avoiding carbs you don't need to eat "low fat" anything - and low fat things tend to have a lot of added stuff, including sugar.

You may well find it is your fruit that is the problem. A low carb diet is less than 50g useable carb per day. You can get there just with an apple and a banana these days - they are so enormous! And while it is "healthy" sugar it is still sugar, is still carbohydrate - and it all adds up when you eat a banana, an apple, a few grapes, and then even lettuce has some carb in it - depending on what you eat in a salad that can come to 20g of carbs quite easily.

That has been found to be a problem by others in the past. But while on pred, no weight gain is also a good result. I struggle to lose weight, I would have to go to no carb I think, but I don't put any on. That will do if that's all I can achieve. Join this discussion or start a new one?

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Always speak to your doctor before acting and in cases of emergency seek appropriate medical assistance immediately. Use of the forums is subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and steps will be taken to remove posts identified as being in breach of those terms. Shortness of breath Follow. All, I've felt quite short of breath since being on the prednisone. New discussion Reply.

Nefret bob Yes, I have had this on the higher doses of Pred, but it disappears as the dose reduces. Additionally, with me Pred weight goes on round my midriff, sometimes this also causes problems with breathlessness on bending or exertion. Hi Bob I was started on 15mgs of pred when diagnosed with pmr, and 19 months later i am down to 7mg but depending on the dose at the time i have experienced palpitations and shortness of breath my doctor said to me when i drop down further with the pred they will go and they did but they come and go with me i,m affraid.

EileenH bob Breathlessness can be a side-effect of pred yes. I would get to the top of the stairs and be gasping - definitely PMR not the pred as I had to wait 5 years to get pred. Darn - knew there was another comment: again, PMR as well as pred can lead to arrythmias. I developed atrial fibrillation but it started in the early days of PMR, although I didn't realise until something else triggered a very bad attack.

Once that was diagnosed and treated I realised that I had had palpitations and tachycardia on occasions for several years but just hadn't recognised it. Get those sorts of feelings checked out, just in case. Hi Bob! Its boring but better than having the pain This seems to be the pattern.

I started off on 20mg 10 months ago and am now down to 7mg. I have had shortness of breath and all the tests ecg, etc and am due to see a cardiologist sometime in the future. But, having read hundreds of letters with people suffering from polymyalgia we all seem to have the same symptoms, and yes, my GP told me that it would get better as the dose reduced - so I live in hope. Artdesign bob EileenH Artdesign. Your muscles have become intolerant of acute exercise due to the PMR - you will be able to get back a degree of fitness but you will have to "train" slowly.

Your muscles now perceive something you used to do without thinking as high level exercise. Even with the pred which improves the blood flow to some extent, there is still a deficit that makes you feel totally unfit. I also felt distinctly short of breath, despite being generally quite fit. The pain was like a stitch in my side, but in my neck, and I was not getting full breaths. I realized I was barely using my diaphragm to breathe, and so my scalenes were working overtime to make up the difference — and hurting and failing.

More about this below. I started using my diaphragm again … and the pain steadily eased even though I kept running. Not only was the pain clearly caused by over-using my scalenes while breathing, but I was able to fix a fairly significant pain problem without stopping my workout — just by breathing differently.

What was going on? A lifelong habit of breathing shallowly is only a short hop away from feeling short of breath. Shallow, weak breathing is mostly a result of trying to breathe with the upper chest muscles instead of the belly and diaphragm. Respiratory dysfunction is usually driven by postural, psychological, and emotional factors, especially anxiety , which is the next major topic.

Almost literally? Anxiety — excessive worry, either too much, or too long, or both 13 — is a surprisingly potent and amazingly common cause of many odd symptoms. Shortness of breath and chest pain are among the most frequently reported. It really can. And while anxiety can cause shortness of breath as a direct and immediate symptom, it can also probably cause trouble indirectly by chronically eating away at us in other ways, like creating the dysfunctional breathing pattern discussed above.

The way we breathe is a powerful aspect of self-expression. Shallow breath is what we do when we literally hide from a predator, say. It is also what we do when we feel like we want to hide! Deep breathing is one of the main practical suggestions for fighting anxiety. Most of us are. Here are several relevant, practical self-help articles. They all focus on what you can do about these issues:.

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Added a new summary. Source for this and many other factoids in this article :. An official American Thoracic Society statement: update on the mechanisms, assessment, and management of dyspnea. This was a randomized and controlled trial — good science stuff — with three groups, each group training at a different level. It was associated with improvements in maximum forced inspiratory flow and changed the locus of symptom limitation during high-intensity exercise from dyspnea to leg fatigue.

Association, American Psychiatric Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders: DSM Washington, D. Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, usually specific. Generalized anxiety disorder GAD is when that feeling gets chronic, excessive, uncontrollable, irrational, and associated with surprisingly diverse symptoms. At least 3 symptoms must persist for at least 6 months for a formal GAD diagnosis. Ever feel like you need one of these? Fatigue could be an early warning sign of the Martian Death Flu or of dinner with your in-laws.

Abdominal pain is notoriously the hardest kind of pain to diagnose in hospital emergency rooms — endless possibilities! Shortness of breath is not quite in the same league, but it still has rather a lot of possible causes. But no: shortness of breath often occurs without any problems with the lungs or other breathing anatomy and physiology.

Shortness of breath is a complicated sensation only, like a form of pain, which can indicate practically anything, but nothing in particular. This may be the beginning of asthma. Anemia — Are you tired all the time, and do you look pale? You may not be getting enough iron in your diet. This is more common among women. Sarcoidosis or pulmonary hypertension — Are you tired all the time and do you have a dry cough, possibly with chest pain, and does your shortness of breath get worse when you exercise or do other physical activity?

Congestive heart failure — Are your feet and ankles swollen, and is it harder to breathe when you lie down flat? These are symptoms of congestive heart failure. Mesothelioma — Have you worked in or around asbestos, wood dust, industrial fumes or in a coal mine?

You could have occupational lung disease, such as mesothelioma.