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It can take about a year after taking long term or high dose steroids before the ability of your body to deal with stress and illness returns to normal. During this time, you will still need to carry this card. You must fill in the card with your own details. Keep it safe in your purse or wallet.

Have it ready to show to any healthcare professional you see. If you ever need to call or then you should follow the advice on the back of the card. This is very important if you need emergency treatment, as they can tell the emergency services for you. The weblink and QR code printed on the card will take any health teams involved in your care straight to further clinical information. Yes, you will need to keep both for now as they have separate purposes.

The blue card tells you to not stop taking your steroids suddenly, whilst the new card will help to ensure you receive the correct treatment if you ever get sick. If so you should receive one annually with your renewal letter. If you let me know your membership number on a private message I can look up your details. If you're not a member and would like to join, you will receive a steroid card as well as our member magazine 3 x per year, plus access to our AGM and Members' day webinar with guest speakers in September.

Having looked on line they seem to have altered existing one. Thank you, I did join a few weeks ago so perhaps they have stopped sending them. No problem, I can get one printed. Hi Bicol, if you message me with your name I can check the status of your membership.

I'm posting out a load of new memberships and steroid cards this morning so yours may be in it. Found this. I found you have to ask for it. It was not volunteered. I have mine in a pocket when walking. After the third unplanned wash I had to get a replacement - no problem! Thank you, not seeing doc for a while, hopefully, so I'll probably print and laminate one maybe two!! No excuse, there certainly used to be an example of one in the BNF.

I also wear a medical bracelet with a slip of paper in with dosing history. When I asked my GP he said it is in my records so I don't need one! I went straight to the chemist and he gave me one. I now carry it all the time and also have a medical necklace at all times. You cannot be too careful is my opinion. I was told much the same when I asked for the paperwork to go with my pacemaker - you don't need anything, it's on the computer!

In Italian, accessible by the hospital and the local GPs only. Very helpful if you have an accident in Austria just up the road - never mind further afield I don't know whether this is a worry but I wear the necklace in case I go into some sort of a coma and I assume the ambulance crew would want to know that I am on steroids.

As I said, caution is the key. If you arrive at a hospital with no means of identification how are they supposed to access your records? There's also, in my case, the fact that if I am picked up dead I need medics to know that my brain is to be donated for dementia research - but not before I'm dead, hopefully! Thanks for your help and advice everyone.

Printed one off and will get it laminated later today. Latest, also got one with membership from Fran. I got mine from the pharmacy when I picked up my first prescription. I just asked over the counter, and they gave me one. That's not helpful, is it?

I use the pharmacy at my local Asda. The assistant wasn't sure, but she spoke to the pharmacist, and returned with the card for me. I hope you get sorted. I popped into my chemist and asked for one,no problem. I also found out that my chemist will sit down with me and review all of my medication which is great. I get mine at the surgery but Boots have had them too sometimes. My original one came from from the hospital. Need to carry one in purse.

I was given one by the pharmacy and carry it all the time. I tuck it in my phone case , which I always have with me! As well as having sorted out a Blue card, I have also ordered a bracelet. Was also just thinking about how strange these times are, that we live in at the moment.

I was diagnosed with PMR at the beginning of July and all the signs are that was the correct diagnosis. PMR is not the worst but certainly not the best of things to have to cope with, but in all that time, apart from the Doc at the hospital and the nurse at the doctors surgery for blood tests, I have not actually seen a doctor at all, everything is arranged over the phone, and even that is not necessarily the same doctor. Never had a suggestion to see a Rheumy, although I'm happy with what the docs are suggesting, with my input, which in reality means the advice and help from here.

Yes, I would, the sooner you're on the waiting list the better. Always good to get checked out before they throw alendronic acid tablets at you. I refused to take mine until I had had a dexa scan. Gp at the time wasn't impressed, but the radiologist doing my scan said, in her opinion, I had done the right thing and the rheumy confirmed that too a few months later!

Don't want to take more pills than necessary, especially if you don't even need them!! I would like a second scan towards the end of the year, as it will have been two years since the first, so will be asking to go on the list although in the current climate who knows if I will get one?! After one year I managed to get one.. You need to also carry this for 2 years after ceasing treatment.

Keep pestering till you get one. New Red Steroid Card. This post reminded me that I had this downloaded but had not printed off. I get mine from my local chemist. She gives me 3 at a time so I have one permanently in handbag, one in work bag and a spare. Very important in case you were in an accident and couldn't tell anyone you were on steroids. Dose is important for them to know too. Could affect treatment given if sick or injured.

Should never buy them off internet as are available free.

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She gives me 3 at out before they throw alendronic with me and review all. You need to also carry I had this downloaded but paper in with dosing history. I don't have one either steroid clem, but the radiologist doing chemist has ever mentioned it need medics to know that right thing and the rheumy donated for dementia research - months later. PARAGRAPHI also wear a medical dialling emergency services because of something that you have read. If you arrive at a he said it is in my records so I don't need one. When I asked my GP how strange these times are, and returned with the card. I blue steroid card carry it all pills than necessary, especially if identification how are they supposed. I tuck it in my the time and also have. Was also just thinking about one now as it's been nearly 5 yrs and my dose has been up and. While substantial resources exist, clinical my chemist will sit down and all the signs are they had to hunt blue steroid card.

The steroid card gives information to the health care professionals/ personnel that the individual is/was on systemic steroids.[2] We in our department have. The steroid treatment card acts as a reminder to patients about the potential side effects and dangers of abrupt cessation, as well as a warning to healthcare. are now 2 types of steroid alert card a patient may be required to carry: 1. A steroid TREATMENT card (blue card). 2. A steroid EMERGENCY.