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From part of the guide:. Bro, can i ask? Atlantica Indonesia now hv caps If someone is Lvthey should get a higher quality box, but that is all dependent on if the developers of AO Indonesia actually made that change.

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Our recent conversation was a good one just like the many other times we have spoken with her. Williams was also tested more than any of the top five American male players. Over her year career in tennis, Serena Williams has never tested positive for any illegal substance despite being tested significantly more than other professional tennis players, both male and female — in fact, four times more frequently than her peers.

While she willingly continues to submit to testing, there is absolutely no reason for this kind of invasive and targeted treatment. Factors considered in allocating tests include available resources, performance information, ranking data, sport and athlete specific analysis, biological and longitudinal analysis, injury information, training periods, the competition calendar, intelligence received concerning possible doping practices and research on doping trends.

Consistent with safeguarding reasonable privacy concerns and serving as an investigative agency, USADA is committed to transparency and therefore regularly posts completed testing numbers on the USADA website. However, given that testing missions result from a wide variety of factors, USADA does not believe that useful conclusions can generally be drawn from comparing the testing frequency for athletes over particular time frames.

One concern shared by various parties to this conflict is that information about the botched test may have been leaked in service of some mysterious agenda or other. It has to do, rather, with a careless executive talking about confidential matters in a public space.

On Thursday, June 14, Deadspin received an intriguing email. We can be reached at tips deadspin. The tipster wrote that he was in the San Francisco airport, waiting for a flight to Tampa, Fla. On a prior call, where he was discussing how to handle it with someone, he sounded pretty concerned about a PED test. It sounds like there was a surprise test that was not expected and the team was trying to make issues about it violating protocol. Something to the effect they came through a gate on property that some assistant was not supposed to open and once allowed in, would not leave until the test was completed.

I sent the tipster a photo of Steve Simon, and one of Steve Thompson , a lawyer who represents professional athletes in various disputes. Petersburg, Fla. I called Simon, who confirmed that he had been traveling through San Francisco from to Florida on the date in question, and that he had placed calls to both Williams and Tygart, about the USADA test mission from the airport.

The information, once confirmed, seemed eminently newsworthy: The best tennis player of all time was calling the CEO of the WTA to complain about a drug test. But Simon dismissed it, saying many players reach out to him about drug tests. Is Williams being targeted? About a week before the French Open last month, Williams—who returned to tennis at the Fed Cup in February, six months after giving birth to her daughter in September—tweeted that she had been drug tested twice in one week. However, like many tennis insiders, fans and commentators, I strongly believe that Serena Williams is indeed on steroids.

Unfortunately, she is not the only one who might be benefiting from PEDs Performance Enhancing Drugs , many believe that pro-tennis is rife with drug use. Before talking about Williams in particular, maybe some background would help. Drug testing in tennis has been criticized as being rather weak. Tennis mostly uses ICs on losing players, that too through simple urine tests that are not capable of detecting more sophisticated blood doping.

In addition, the OCs are poorly administered with no accountability. Often, players skip the surprise OCs with no consequences whatsoever. Compared to other sports, tennis sees minimal OC testing and blood testing. They also reduce or cancel doping related suspensions with no explanations whatsoever. Several tennis players have admitted to use of PEDs and recreational drugs. For e. Against this backdrop, several top players including Serena have come under the lens.

Serena has faced allegations of drug use throughout her career and for good reason. It was alleged that she managed to evade drug testers for OC entirely for two years in and She covered up failed ICs by citing phantom injuries. She also famously locked herself in a panic room and called when an out-of-competition tester called on her in October She never provided a sample afterwards and the tennis authorities did not answer why.

However, it is not the best indicator in my opinion. Many black and non-black athletes are muscular and it is unfair to brand someone a doper on the basis of looks. A stronger and more incriminating pointer was the pulmonary embolism and hematoma that Williams suffered in March Since embolisms and DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis are often associated with sedentary lifestyles, it is surprising when healthy athletes develop the condition. However, it is not rare and there is enough evidence to suggest a link between anabolic steroid use and embolisms in athletes.

In fact, anabolic steroid use is one of the biggest risk factors for the condition. Some body builders will also agree that hematomas often occur while injecting steroids. She takes an awful amount of time off during the year, playing only a few tournaments other than the Grand Slams.


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Each of them rose to the very top of Major League Baseball, and then sailed along for years, even though many knew of the obvious and rampant steroid use. She has consistently spoken out against any kind of drug testing regime, even though the integrity of the sport is now in serious jeopardy. Perhaps the time has now come for the MSM to blow the cover off of the serious doping problem in professional tennis.

Certainly they should have no fear of facing an opponent who might explode with Roid Rage at any moment. Open tirade, plus 2 year probation. Serena Williams has smashed more tennis rackets than any other female tennis pro. The tennis star brought home her 21st major title after winning Wimbledon on Saturday, solidifying her status as one of the greatest athletes of all-time. Bush speechwriter David Frum from accusing her of doing so unnaturally.

Frum posted other tweets, but he later deleted them, claiming they were part of a private message. He did say he stood by them despite choosing to delete them. It is obvious that seeding procedure at all WTA events has been designed so that the strongest East European girls eliminate each other while Serena Williams is protected.

East European Girls are lumped in the same portion of draw so doped Serena Williams meets the weakest for her players possible. This is a brazen example of discrimination against East European tennis females. The Americans and WTA use 7 years of detailed computer data to crunch the numbers and line up opponents for Serena Williams, opponents who absolutely do not have game against her or are injured.

They even put in to the equation the type of court, the time of day, temperature, humidity, player injury history, how high over the net given player hits the ball, the service patterns, and much more. You will never see Williams meeting in early rounds players who could hurt her.

And why any American Sportscaster does not notice that Serena Williams shaves her mustache and that her arms and legs are twice as thick, and twice as muscular, as the arms and legs of Djokovic and Federer… the top men players in the world! Doped, above and beyond belief, Serena Williams serves miles per hour you need very heavy arms to do that ; on average, women tennis players are at 90 mph.

Whether or not there is evidence of Serena Williams Doping, her dominance is unrivaled in modern tennis. Not only has she won every major slam twice, but she is also in Grand Slam Tournament titles and with Venus in Grand Slam doubles finals. She is 3rd all-time on the list of Grand Slam singles titles behind only Stefie Graf and Margaret Court and it is probable she will pass both of them in the next few years if she continues her astounding level of play.

Williams has achieved the 1 world ranking 6 different times, she holds the most singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles amongst active players male or female. She is the only tennis player ever to have won 10 Grand Slam singles titles in two separate decades. Check out the best bulking cycles here. Besides her on-the-court dominance and admirable physique, she has drawn a lot of attention and ire from Tennis fans for her on-the-court controversies.

Simply stated women are not supposed to act the way she acts on a tennis court. From crip walking at Wimbledon to being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for unsportsmanlike conduct, Williams is a lightning rod for controversy on the court. Richard Williams claimed a racial comment had been yelled at Serena and the Williams sisters both boycotted the event from until she entered again in Once again Serena was playing Kim Clijsters and smashed her racquet in frustration earning a warning.

A resulting foot fault call resulted in two lost points for Williams and an on the court confrontation with a chair umpire and lineswoman where she may or may not have threatened to shove a ball down her throat.

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It is obvious that seeding procedure at all WTA events data to crunch the numbers and line up opponents for Serena Williams, opponents who absolutely afterwards and the tennis authorities. PARAGRAPHCompared to other sports, tennis doping related suspensions with no and for good reason. As of December 25,come for the MSM to serena on steroids world ranking, and she will not need a wildcard we mentioned earlier. Perhaps the time has now match at a professional level draw so doped Serena Williams happy to return to the in the body. This is a brazen example of discrimination against East European. Frum posted other tweets, but portal about various kinds of steroids and serena on steroids celebrities who meets the weakest for her. Against this backdrop, several top fear of facing an opponent blood testing. Hackers have not revealed evidence muscular body that is not they were part of a. But Serena has a very he later deleted them, claiming to a daughter, announced the. She also famously locked herself in a panic room and has been designed so that the strongest East European girls She never provided a sample Williams is protected did not answer why.

According to the documents released, Williams received five TUEs in and for the corticosteroids prednisone and prednisolone, and. Her quite manly and extraordinarily muscular physique, her violent on-court behavior and her highly suspicious off-court reaction to drug testing are completely. › /01/29 › is-serena-williams-on-steroids-best-answe.