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Do the crossfit games test for steroids


In , California Regional athlete Ryan Fischer provided inaccurate whereabouts, failing to cooperate with Drug Free Sport agents which resulted in a failure to take the test. Then in , Central Regional athlete Laura Phelps-Sweatt also failed to meet with agents when requested to submit to an out-of-competition test.

Morning Chalk Up spoke with several athletes in the testing pool who were granted anonymity in order to speak candidly about a sensitive topic. Two athletes characterized the one-year ban as not harsh enough. I feel that this is all very random.

There are people who go through the season without being tested at all, people who are rumored to be cheating. Then there is the Open, where I do not know if there is any testing whatsoever. In the season there were 14 Sanctionals; this season there are 28 across six continents. Privately, we spoke with several Sanctional organizers across the globe who confirmed that Drug Free Sport was on hand testing at their events.

While Sanctionals are not contractually required to conduct their own tests of podium finishers, at least one Sanctional opted to do so at their own expense. They qualified for the Games via the Worldwide Open. Former Games athlete Alex Parker, who has been outspoken in voicing her opinion about ways the CrossFit Games can improve, recently weighed in on Instagram and brought this up:.

Parker was referring to 44th placed athlete Katie Trombetta. That of course can scramble the results a lot. Over the past two seasons, a total of 34 athletes have tested positive for banned substances from both in-competition and out-of-competition tests conducted by Drug Free Sport at the direction of CrossFit.

Coming to a distinct conclusion as to why the apparent uptick in the frequency of PEDs popping up in the sport of CrossFit would be near impossible. Is it because more athletes are taking PEDs with the intention to cheat the system, or is it that athletes are not paying close enough attention to over-the-counter supplements that contain a banned substance?

Or is it that CrossFit has increased the number and types of tests thereby resulting in more positive tests? A failed test is a failed test and the worst thing that can happen to the sport of CrossFit is the belief that no one is paying attention. For a daily digest of all things CrossFit. Morning Chalk Up Search Search for:. Search for:. Sign In Become a Member. Search Search for:. Get the Newsletter For a daily digest of all things CrossFit.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. More About CrossFit Games. Member Exclusive. More About Anna Fragkou. The Drug Testing Policy aims to prevent the use of prohibited substances through rigorous testing. CrossFit uses a combination of directed and random in-competition and out-of-competition drug testing to deter athletes from using prohibited performance-enhancing substances and detect the use of these substances.

With the help of Doping Control Officers from Drug Free Sport International, the CrossFit Games team recently conducted its first series of out-of-competition tests for the season. All samples were negative. The CrossFit Games team will continue to test athletes without notice over the course of the CrossFit season. If an athlete is found in violation of the Drug Testing Policy, possible sanctions include, but are not limited to, any combination of the following:.

Please reference the official CrossFit Drug Policy for more information. All Rights Reserved.


According to CrossFit, Smith is filing an appeal. One big thing: This is now the third team in the span of a week, the fourth team this season, to be disqualified from the Games. CrossFit will now be backfilling again to sixth-place finisher Team Man Made, but the big question is if and when these four new teams be tested?

Reading between the lines: Except for the qualifying athletes and teams at Regionals, Semifinals and Games, CrossFit has never publically stated when it plans to test an athlete or team. That would serve to undermine the nature of the testing process.

This could help ensure that all athletes are tested weeks before they arrive to compete. For a daily digest of all things CrossFit. Morning Chalk Up Search Search for:. Search for:. The program goes on to state " for the term of this Program, laboratory analysis under the Program shall be performed by the World Anti-Doping Agency-certified laboratory known as Laboratoire de Controle du Dopage. So, the basic idea is that there are roadblocks in place to prevent anyone with interest in the players or organization to mess with the results.

In fact, no matter how much you or I enjoy it, it does not yet have the mass appeal of basketball, baseball, football, hockey, or even NASCAR is that a sport? With the fact that CrossFit is still very much a small, yet ever-growing sport, let's take a look at the Drug-Testing Program. It's also clear that CrossFit is taking steps to make sure top athletes are being tested. Testing also extends to those, not in the spotlight. This technically means you could be tested even if you only compete in the Open.

Will joe-blow, minute Fran time ever get tested? Most likely not. But, it could be a reason why we see guys like Dimitry Klokov shy away from officially competing in the Open, yet participating in Grid. This is something I believe CrossFit has recognized and even stated:. Every athlete at Regionals and the Games are subject to testing as determined by random selection or if they finish on or near the podium.

The "randomness" of the selection is determined as far as I can tell, by CrossFit, Inc; however, they could be chosen electronically. Out-of-Competition Testing is the next type of drug testing that occurs. This is for all registered athletes who have signed the drug-testing consent form, which occurs during the registration process.

The testing can happen days a year, at any time or place. For those of you who think CrossFit takes the urine and blood samples and simply decide on their own who should test positive is factually false. CrossFit, Inc. This is one of the areas that receives the most critical response from fans in regards to drug testing. Froning, as I've stated many times , has been a significant cause for CrossFit's meteoric rise.

Without him, and his ultimate domination of the field, I do not believe CrossFit would be where it is today, and I think many would agree. This idea of Froning being CrossFit's " golden boy" has lead many internet warriors to provide hearsay that Froning has to be on steroids. That there's no way somebody could train as much as he does and perform the way he does without the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

I've also read things from people who believe it's the reason he's no longer competing as an individual. That somehow he tested positive and rather than CrossFit announce it, they gave him the opportunity to compete in the Affiliate Competition. Let me remind you, however; these allegations are all made up. There has yet to be anyone come out and provide evidence that Rich Froning and all of the other top CrossFit Games Athletes are on steroids.

One way, these rumors could be stopped would be for CrossFit, Inc to allow a third party the discretion to release results. On the one hand, this makes complete sense. CrossFit, Inc is a business, and the athletes are their assets. On the other hand, it would be great to stop hearing allegations that CrossFit, Inc is hiding positive tests without any proof that they are. Every once in a while, an athlete will come out and state when they've been tested to prove to fans they're clean.

Being tested and coming back with a negative result is the best proof we have that an athlete is indeed clean. Is it foolproof? Of course not. How many times have you seen an article stating you'd have to be an idiot to test positive in a drug test?

But, at this point, it's our best evidence. So much so, that he's had to deny it publicly many times. Despite being yoked out of his mind, and looking like he has an HGH gut in this picture, he's never tested positive.

Does this mean he's not on steroids? Not definitively, but it's the best evidence we have AND in all reality, he's pretty much always been jacked. Even when he was a sprinter at Ohio University. Despite many saying CrossFit needs to improve their Drug-Testing Program, there have been athletes that have tested positive for banned substances.

Here's a list of all of the athletes I could find that have either tested positive for banned substances or violated the drug testing policies if there are others, let me know in the comments section :. Mostly what I've stated is facts, interspersed with my opinion. However, for this question, I am going to provide strictly my opinion. The goal of the CrossFit Games is to find the fittest person on the planet, and it does a great job of that. CrossFit athletes are pushing our ideas of human physical potential, and it's awesome to see.

How much more awesome would it be if CrossFit Games athletes also got to use every chemical available to them? Can you imagine what we'd see? I understand that CrossFit wants to promote a strong sense of good, wholesome hard work and dedication, but I can't help but imagine what Mat Fraser's performance would look like if he were allowed to be juiced to the gills.

It will likely never happen, which is probably for the best. However, a tested and untested division would be pretty interesting to see. Nobody is saying Dianabol would make CrossFitters better although it could increase size, but if you're telling me, athletes, being able to recover faster wouldn't be beneficial, than I have a bridge to sell you.

It's the reason Lance Armstrong took testosterone and endurance athletes the world over get busted for using androgen. Even if the advantage given was small, when you're at the top of your sport, every second counts great documentary btw. John Romano, a guy who adamantly claims CrossFit Games athletes are using steroids and that they are effective, has written quite a bit on the topic.

I'd suggest checking out this article for more info. Anytime there is money and fame on the line; there will be people who will do everything in their power to win, including cheat. CrossFit knows drug use will continue to increase over time as The CrossFit Games becomes more popular. The main improvement I see CrossFit could make in relation to their Drug Testing Program is to give the discretion of positive test result announcements to a third party.

This would silence a lot of critics and provide a lot of transparency for fans. However, it's something I believe athletes will eventually attempt to create and could provide SOME improvements for players.

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In this arena, a true and honest comparison of training practices and athletic capacity is impossible without a level playing field. Therefore, the use of. › article › games. The Drug Testing Policy aims to prevent the use of prohibited substances through rigorous testing. CrossFit uses a combination of directed and.