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Good steroid documentaries

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American Weightlifting shows the trials and tribulations of the athletes and coaches who struggle to compete against the professionalism of the rest of the world. Director Greg Everett is a weightlifter himself, so there is a real fly on the wall feel as he is able to embed himself deeply into this world. It is a technically well-made film, which comes as a surprise considering it was a one-man production from start to finish by someone with not a lot of filmmaking experience.

Some have to fit in full-time jobs around there training, and the dedication they show is admirable. American Weightlifting is available on Amazon Prime. Verdict: A fascinating insight into the lives of athletes and coaches fighting against the odds. A quote from this officially produced Crossfit documentary sums up the importance of the central figure of this documentary to the sport:.

They are athletes who not only change the way a game is played but also, regarded entirely. Michael Jordan. Wayne Gretzky. Babe Ruth. In CrossFit, that man is Rich Froning. The film centers on his frankly insane training schedule as he prepares for the edition of the CrossFit Games where he is looking to claim his fourth consecutive title and cement his legacy as the greatest the sport has ever seen.

The most remarkable thing about Fronings career is that he only began in Crossfit has produced many fitness movies, but this ranks as probably one of the best. Director Heber Cannon goes beyond the blood, sweat, and tears of Fronings intense training schedule and sheds some light on what made him who he is today.

We see inside his family dynamic and hear him speak about the complicated process he and his wife went through to adopt their daughter and watch him break down at times as he discusses the death of a best friend. Verdict: A powerful film that shows even the most superhuman among us are human as well. The only fitness documentary on our list that is a documentary series and the only one on our list that was made entirely for Youtube.

This series was created by fitness entrepreneur and influencer Jamie Alterton, who we profiled in a previous blog on fitness influencers. What is great about this series is that Jamie has clearly put the effort in to elevate this above the standard influencer vlog by producing and an in-depth 12 episode series with each episode averaging 10 to 20 mins each.

While the other documentaries on this list deal with competing or important issues in the fitness industry, this gets down to the bare bones of someone building a fitness business from the ground up. Jamie is an engaging presence on screen and has a very motivational way of speaking as he gives us an inside look into building a fitness business.

One of the highlights of the series is his meeting superstar entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck at an event where the two discuss the motivation behind being an entrepreneur. Verdict: Great series for those starting out on their fitness business journey and a trip down memory lane for those who are still on it. One of the most controversial issues facing sports in general today is the use of performance-enhancing drugs, most notably in athletics and cycling.

However the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster takes a look at steroid abuse in the worlds of weightlifting, bodybuilding, and wrestling. This documentary is different in approach from the others on this list as director Chris Bell happens to be the brother of the two subjects of this documentary, Smelly, and Mad Dog. All three have taken steroids in the past, with Smelly and Mad Dog still on them when we meet them in the film. The two brothers talk in a frank manner about their steroid abuse and are open about the fact they use them.

This underpins the main point that Bell is trying to make that Americans are opposed to steroids, but they are more way more opposed to losing, and a blind eye is turned if it means victory. Bigger, Stronger, Faster is available on Hulu and other streaming services.

Verdict: A vital look into what people will do to win, and American societies complicated relationship with success. One of the fastest growing sports over the last number of years has been MMA with the rise in popularity of competitions such as the UFC and Bellator in recent times. Pierre and Anderson Silva have become household names in the same vein as other international sports superstars.

Tough to watch at times but a superb look at what it takes to succeed in a competitive sport as we go through the highs and lows of Chads preparation for a professional fight. Long before he enters the cage, Chad puts himself through intense physical, emotional and mental conditioning to make sure he is in the best shape he possibly can be when fight night arrives.

An excellent film for a fitness founder to watch as it shows the hard work and dedication needed to reach a goal and the lessons learned from the film can be applied to become successful in any fitness related field. Occupation Fighter is currently available on a number of different streaming services. Verdict: A brilliant insight into the mindset of a person literally fighting for their survival.

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Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Anyone know any good steroid documentaries? Anyone know any good steroid documentaries? I've seen Bigger. I love watching them. Thanks in advance. Originally Posted by tramar. Discovery channel did an excellent one. I believe it's just called Steroids. Yu can find it with torrent sites. Originally Posted by Tigershark.

Bigger, Faster Stronger is available as instant download on Netflix. That is where I stumbled upon it. Great movie, and well reviewed by the critics. I thinkk thats the one i saw.. The powerlifter? Join Date Jun Posts 5, But was Bigger stronger and faster really that great?

No doubt enjoyed the film however it failed to really address the big issue bodybuilders are the main focus of steroid criticism and i thought that needed to play a larger role in the film talking to pros and putting the lime light on them.. Bodybuilders cop it all the time would have been better to see more of that Join Date Aug Location newport richey fl Posts 1, The Emmy-winning documentary Before Stonewall explores the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community prior to Stonewall, analyzing the beginnings of an era of activism.

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Steroids are one of the most controversial subjects in the sports world — but especially where bodybuilding is concerned. The Best Bodybuilding and Fitness Documentaries · From the Olympia to strongmen to CrossFit, here's the next movie you should check out on rest day. · Pumping. bodybuilding but with other parts of that lifestyle like steroids etc. 60 Share. Bodybuilding · Weightlifting · Sports. 60 Comments sorted byBest.