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What to eat while taking steroids


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As you probably have heard, although beneficial for competition, anabolic steroids come with a couple of potentially dangerous side effects, like:. In order to counter the side effects of anabolic steroids, you can implement certain few foods which at the same time allow the steroids to have more of an impact in regards to the improvements you make.

Anabolic steroid usage is made in cycles, and these cycles go on for weeks. You need a properly planned diet to minimize the risk of weight gain, excessive fluid retention, and hormonal imbalances. However, bear in mind that nutrition by itself might not be adequate in some cases to prevent the side effects of steroid usage, but it can be great for damage reduction and health improvement. A diet that consists of food chosen specifically for steroid users to help them with the potential side effects is called a Steroid Diet.

A Steroid Diet mainly includes:. Protein is not only for people who do bodybuilding; that is a common misconception. Protein is as necessary for the sedentary nine-to-five fellows, those who are looking to lose a few pounds and those who want to defy age and look younger. In addition, protein also repairs cells damaged due to pollution, free radicals , and diseases like diabetes and heart conditions.

For the average adult, the recommended daily protein intake is 1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight. However, for an adult who aims for muscle growth, or in this case, an adult who is using anabolic steroids to bring his performance and muscle growth to their limits, the protein intake should be higher than average. The primary function of anabolic steroids is the increased rate of protein production by the human body. After the muscles absorb the proteins, they aid in their growth and repair along with carbohydrates and nutrients.

Since anabolic steroids accelerate muscle growth and repair, eating enough protein food is vital in order to avoid injury. Thus, to keep going, the muscles need to repair themselves after a workout, and the body needs to have energy stored to start the next one.

The primary source of energy for the human body is carbohydrates. When a body is reaching is its limits through a daily workout under the influence of steroids it depletes the energy it has in storage, for that reason your diet needs to be high-carb among other things. Although before listing what foods are rich in carbohydrates and are recommended for a steroid diet, there are are a few things to be explained.

Carbohydrates come in two types, complex and simple. Simple carbohydrates are found in any food that is sweet, which means it contains sugar. Complex carbohydrates should be preferred over the simple ones every time, among them, are:. These complex carbohydrates are full of fiber, and this means that they are absorbed slowly in the stomach, providing energy steadily while keeping you full for longer.

Furthermore, research has shown that they are responsible for lowering harmful cholesterol levels. This addition is a classic; you have seen this everywhere. Celebrities promote them; models promote them, professional bodybuilders and food experts promote them; this means everyone in the sports, diet, and health industry. The food we are talking about here is green vegetables, and there is a reason for this, of course. Green vegetables are low in calories and are consisted of water mostly; for this reason, you are allowed to eat almost unlimited amounts of them without need for worry.

Since green vegetables are high in fiber, they can give your stomach the filling that it is full. Green veggies are ideal for people who use steroids because they will not make you gain fat, meaning there is only room for your muscles to grow.

A couple of examples of such vegetables are :. As it was mentioned above earlier in this article, a potentially dangerous side effect of steroids is liver injuries. The chances for the liver to be injured by steroid usage depend on the size of the doses and duration of use. With that in mind, it is only natural to consider adding food to your diet that protects your liver and makes it healthier.

Foods with hepatoprotective good for the liver include:. Some common foods can lower your testosterone levels which are incredibly important to avoid for a variety of reasons such as:. For the most part, you can see how testosterone is vital for your health, trying to improve your overall health, but also because you see the effects it can have on your gains in lean muscle mass, and this is extra important when you are taking steroids. Such foods that you should avoid as much as possible are:.

Where is the medium, and how do you enjoy yourself while keeping your precious testosterone at the same time? Simple, keep alcohol intake in moderation. Never get drunk; just enjoy a drink or two, and you will be fine. Generally, you should be already informed about and in control of your diet before even considering taking anabolic steroids.

A proper diet is vital not only for muscle growth but for your overall health and should keep tabs on it throughout your whole life. Some general tips and healthier options that work every time about food involve baking and boiling instead of frying, avoid processed food, avoid alcohol, avoid sugar and eat a lot of vegetables, especially the green ones.

If you do all of the above, you lower the risk significantly. Clenbuterol is a substance coming from a group of compounds called beta2-agonists. Compounds belonging to this category can promote dilation of the bronchial muscles. To get the best results from steroids, you need to follow all the instructions that come with them and above all, have a proper diet to help you avoid side effects and keep your hormones stable. So, which is the best diet to take when you are using steroids?

Quality steroids can help you increase protein synthesis in your body, which results in more muscle repair and growth. Your muscles act like a sponge as they absorb all the carbs, protein, and other nutrients that you feed your body. Therefore, it is crucial that you make sure you include a lot of high protein foods in your everyday meals when you are on steroids. You should also ensure that you avoid eating red meat and any other meat that has undergone processing.

The reason why you should do that is that these foods can increase the risk of you getting liver disease. According to a study , there is a very close relationship between insulin resistance, red meat, and fatty liver disease. Most means taken through processing contains high percentages of trans fats. Eating this meat can lead to a huge increase in your cholesterol levels, which can increase the risk of you getting a heart disease.

Taking steroids helps you in boosting your endurance and performance when training. By doing that, steroids enable you to work out harder and longer hence allowing you to achieve your fitness goals efficiently. Doing that puts a lot of stress on your body and the central nervous system. Having a diet that has a lot of carbs helps you to keep your energy levels high hence allowing you to recover even faster after working out.

However, not all carbs are the same as those that have gone through some refining can be very harmful to your health as an athlete. A review in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular diseases shows that eating a diet with a lot of sugar can increase the risk of heart disease and even death.

You should consider adding whole grains such as brown rice, oats, barley, and wheat in your diet as they contain lots of fiber and carbohydrates, which are very crucial in building muscle and gaining strength. Whole grains can also help you in lowering harmful cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

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