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Steroid cycle log

If you decide to take anabolic steroids it ultimately is your decision and you have to live by that if the cycle goes great or badly. There are experienced individuals on this forum who can probably answer most questions with greater knowledge than me. Nutrition, Training and Supplements This I will be keeping rather quiet, my nutrition and diet has been done for about a year now by a sports nutritionist.

The diet involves sticking to a strict plan with strict eating times utilising a range of supplements to best support composition change on cycle. I am going to try my utmost to stick to this entirely throughout the cycle as I want to yield the best possible results.

My Training focuses on an intense upper body, lower body split. I will be aiming for progressive overload on all my lifts throughout my cycle. I will keep you all updated. Join Date Feb Posts Tarrantino likes this. Back In Black. You should really start an AI from week one and 12 weeks might be a better length for first timers. Also only 2 weeks of PCT? Extendit to 4, what are your planned dosages? Originally Posted by Back In Black. Originally Posted by matt thebeard.

Day 1 I will be going for delt injections throughout this cycle, this is my favourable site injection due to the fact I feel most relaxed, I can see everything going in and mentally I can be less shakey. I am always swabbing the vials and my place of injection before pinning with different alcotip wipes of course. First pin went really well, No issues in drawing the testosterone out with one pin and injecting with another.

I had a really steady injection with no issues. HCG injection was incredibly easy, doing this subq in my lower stomach the insulin needle was painless no problems at all. A lot more shakey today. Pip is worse however still not bad at all. As for sides so far I really expected it to be way too soon to experience anything, in the gym I feel the same im really pushing myself and nailing my nutrition however the side effect I have noticed is when I wake up half way through the night or in the morning I have morning glory.

This is uncommon for me to have this as frequently as I have over the last 3 days in a row but maybe placebo, but my mental libido itself is normal. I am ready to smash out some big sessions and will update on day 8 for my third injection.

Still wrapping up my HCG and test injections on the same day, I dont think I will be having any trouble with HCG injections at all they're incredibly easy. Weight I am hammering legs in the gym, this has always been one of my strong points however I am really looking to see what progress can be made all round. Keeping my nutrition dialled in, I am even bringing damn tupplewear to my mates houses so I am getting my meals in lol.

No signs of water retention thus far, no shift in mood at all, Libido is a little bit higher than usual. Originally Posted by Tarrantino. Thank you for your input I appreciate it! I will be doing PCT for 4 weeks, 2 weeks after my last test E pin Maybe I articulated that wrong in the original post. It was either a 10 or 15 week duration with the supply of gear I could get unfortunately, I suspected 10 might not have the same benefits however I was looking to go for 12 initially, just seems a waste of money to have 6 vials unused at the end of a cycle.

Not probing just asking. Thanks for all your help Back In Black. The PCT I was a little unsure of in all honesty, there seems to be very different information where ever you look. I'll definitely take everything i've read on that sticky on board. I'll do some more research whilst on cycle to further educate myself. As for taking an AI, I'll start 0. Good luck and post some pictures. Good luck Tarrantino! Be following your progress.

Day 10 A few updates for you all. Today marks my 4th pin of test e, all of which have been delt injections thus far. Pip has been minimal to none, all injections have gone rather straight forward. I have ordered some new needles for Glute injections to switch up to a bigger site area. I feel I now have the confidence to try new sites so I will be doing glutes for the next 4 pins 2 weeks to switch things up. Im glad I used my instinct and went for delts first despite being a smaller injection site as thats made me get used to needles a lot faster.

As stated in a previous post at day 6 I have started taking 0. Yesterday I actually felt some very very subtle sensitivity in my nipples when I woke up which subsided, I will monitor this as today I feel fine. I still feel very much like myself, no changes or shifts in mood. I am doing everything possible to stick to my diet and training and it looks like its ever so slightly starting to pay off, definitely finding the meal times challenging because I am naturally a busy man but Ive made it work thus far.

This was on day 9 I had this retested. A few people in my family who see me frequently have said I look a little bit leaner too, all of this has given me a boost going into week three of my cycle! Weight - Day 14 update Hey everyone, this update definitely comes with good and bad news.

Lets start with the bad, then go to the good then back to the bad. Okay so the cycle was going great but on friday which was day 10 during work I recieved a phone call out of nowhere from my brother who was highly emotional saying our family dog had to be put down immediately due to the fact a tumour had been found and it wasn't going to be reversable. I ended up having to force feed my diet to get the calories in and even though I stuck to my diet I didn't eat everything I just ate what I physically could.

Moving onto some good news, No high E effects at all, moods been normal and not feeling any real mental differences. If I was My sessions have been on point and yesterday day 13 all of my lifts went up really nicely either in weight or for more reps which felt fantastic. I trained with someone who hadn't seen me in roughly 4 months and he was complimenting how much leaner and better I looked.

I have been taking my arimidex at 0. Back onto some bad news, today marked my 5th pin at day 14 and it didn't go great! I did my first glute injection and I wasn't nervous, I wasn't shaking, however I bled quite badly no blood went into the syringe at all it was just after I took it out. I definitely lost anywhere from a little to a lot of my gear as so much blood came out!

Never had this in previous injections so I must have just hit a vein Really gutted but these things happen. Day 25 Update - 4 Weeks in Hey everyone, I've left it a little while since I last updated about my cycle. I've now completed two weeks of delt injections followed by the last two weeks of glute injections. I'm now going to rotate those two sites every two weeks. As far as the cycle is going not too much has changed since I last checked in with you all, all my lifts have been steadily going up.

I am up slightly in weight. Since the start of the cycle I am now 1kg heavier whilst being 1. The most noticeable changes have been on my legs. Places like my back, pecs and middle section all look less puffy and more hard. Still looking to progress much more as the weeks go on, when I hit week 6 I will be ordering the last of everything I need to complete my cycle so I am fully stocked up.

I will also be ordering a home Testosterone and Estrogen kit to have sent off to the lab to get my bloodwork checked. I have had my blood pressure checked this week, same as usual and perfectly normal. On a side note I am doing a check in with my sports dietitian next week to speak about how my diets been going and anything we need to change etc. I will probably do these check ins every week, on a weekly basis.

Join Date Mar Posts Good to hear about pinning in the delts, that's where i was planning to start also. Originally Posted by leanmac. Day 32 Update Okay so I have just finished week 5, this has been the week I can definitely feel the testosterone "Kicking in" my lifts are really progressing, my aggression is up, I literally fall asleep so easily at night and am getting a fantastic quality of sleep.

I have changed up my diet slightly with my sports dietitian, took out a few things that I wasn't enjoying and hopefully now I can kick on enjoying my food a little more so it feels like less of a chore. My weight is the same at 87kg, People have commented this week on how much "Bigger" I look.

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However, just how permanent is still unknown. Typically, people are able to retain a good amount of the muscle they gained from cycling steroids. You should notice yourself getting stronger than you normally would on every exercise that you perform in the gym. Another positive effect that you should experience during your first cycle is that you will experience a greater blood flow to the working muscle along with more muscle water retention.

This will help you to achieve a greater pump while you are working out. Be aware that during your first cycle you will also start to experience a lowered natural production of testosterone and human growth hormone. In order to prevent this from becoming permanent, you need to limit the length of your cycles to no more than eight weeks, followed by a similar period of time when you are off the steroid.

This will allow your natural hormone production to come back up to normal levels. If you are a beginner steroid user you should limit your first few cycles to weeks on, and the same time off. After a few of these cycles, however, you may wish to extend your cycle length to 8, 10, and then, at a maximum, 12 weeks. Be sure to give yourself the same length of off-cycle time in order for your hormones to come back to normal production levels.

After a 12 week cycle, you will experience some pretty dramatic improvements in your muscle size. You can expect to put on pounds of lean muscle mass per month on average. So, after a 3-month cycle, you may have an extra pounds of muscle on your frame. Over that same 3 month period, you should also experience some quite significant strength gains. So, if you were benching pounds at the beginning of your week cycle, you should be up to around at the end of it.

The first thing you have to acknowledge before you start down the steroid route is that it is impossible to predict precisely how they will affect you because we are all individuals. In this section, we consider some typical effects that steroids can have on the face of the user.

There are 5 main ways that steroids affect the face, none of which are particularly flattering. Of course, the effects will be more pronounced on females as they are introducing male growth hormones into their system. Steroids can cause a significant increase in facial hair growth.

The growth seems to be the most pronounced around the upper lip area. It has even been known to appear on the forehead of the steroid user. Acne is one of the most common side effects of steroid use and it often occurs on the face. Most people associate acne with boys going through puberty which is, not surprisingly, when they have a huge spurt in testosterone and human growth hormone production. No, taking steroids will not make you more sensitive to criticism or insults — it will literally make your skin thinner!

In some people, steroid use causes flushing of their blood in certain areas of the face, including the cheeks, nose, and forehead. There is a ring of truth to the statement because our muscles will get smaller if we stop working out. This applies to muscle gained through steroid use as well as that gained naturally.

That means that you retain a muscle memory that will allow you to rebuild any lost muscle much faster when and if you resume training. The answer to the question about steroids and muscle size, then, is that steroids will not make you bigger permanently. Most steroids will begin to evidence themselves by way of strength and muscle gains within days of starting a cycle.

Steroids can be divided according to their esters. Esters are chemical compounds that are linked to the steroid. There are two categories of ester:. Long-term esters will take a greater length of time before the effects are seen. However, those results will be more profound than those from a short-term ester. It will depend on the steroid taken, what it is stacked with, and the physique of the person taking it. There are a number of factors that affect the half-life of a substance.

As can be seen from the above, oral steroids have a much shorter half-life than their injectable counterparts. As an example, oral Dianabol has a half-life of hours, compared to hours for the injectable version. Steroid weight gain may be the result of muscle tissue increase or water weight.

Obviously, muscle is the preferred form of weight gain. Obviously, the safest source is from a doctor. If you choose to source your steroids from the internet, be sure to do your due diligence as there are many shady dealers out there. This is seen by uncontrolled anger and unpredictable violent outburst.

Steroids can also dramatically affect the sexual development of teenagers. This can include the development of breasts in teen boys, reduced testicle size, and lower sperm count. Teenage girls may experience an enlarged clitoris, facial hair growth, and male pattern baldness.

SARMS stands for selective androgen receptor modulator. These are not steroids but chemicals that selectively bind to androgen receptors within muscle cells. They only bind with androgen receptors, meaning that they will not have a negative effect on other parts of the body. They are also far less likely than steroids to convert to estrogen.

To get the full story on SARMs check out our in-depth feature here. We too want to find the finest supplements for ourselves and our families. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. Fact Checked. Ernst Peibst. Updated On August 5, Best Steroid Stacks for Sale We've scoured the web for our favorite steroid stack alternatives and came up with this. They also have the cutting stack with alternatives to Anavar, Winstrol, Clenbuterol and Testosterone.

You can also buy them individually. If you're interested in more potent compounds you can always check out the latest research on SARMs and buy the from Science. Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws. Skip to Section. He's also dedicated the last 7 years educating people about their effects, with hundreds of thousands of people reading his articles. He's studied countless science papers, read several expert books and has consulted some of the finest doctors in the world - on the topic of steroids.

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Detailed logs of member anabolic steroid cycles. Typical gains from a testosterone cycle are 20 pounds over an week cycle. The majority of this gain will be lean muscle tissue, not water weight. The. Steroid Cycle Log - Keep a log of your cycle.